Weekly Game Plan 30 Jul 18

With no developments over the weekend, it should be a slow start to a very busy week. Some analysts are expecting the tight ranges we’ve seen in FX to be challenged by BOJ, FED, BOE and Non-Farm Payrolls. Themes for the Week: Bank of Japan: even with QQE and other tweaks to an ultra-easy monetary […]

How Institutional Traders Use Trading Signals

Retail traders tend to overcomplicate their lives. They try to be, at the same time, analyst, risk manager, trader, business manager…but the reality is that with (often) limited time at their disposal, this multitude of roles creates a heavy burden and often leads to analysis paralysis. Professionals realize this, and that’s why they often outsource their analysis, […]

South Korea’s Largest Telephone Firm Implements Blockchains

During the last couple of months, more and more companies have migrated towards exploring blockchain technology. Now, recent reports indicate that South Korea’s state-owned telephone giant KT Corporation is launching its very own blockchain-based commercial network. They have started to create a blockchain system on top of the national telecommunication network. The expected benefits include […]

US SEC Rejects Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Again

Bad news for digital currency prices, granted that the Securities and Exchange Commission once again rejected the proposal to list a cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund on the Gemini exchange. The proposal, which was rejected in a 3-1 vote, was made by twins Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss, founders of the Gemini exchange and famous for their legal […]

XRP is Not a Cryptocurrency? – The SEC Warns

The cryptocurrency market has been unstable for some months now, and much concern has been raised on the need for a policy to be made to catapult the various tokens to a different price height. A favorable regulation, in this case, can revive the hope of crypto investors, however, XRP has been sidelined from any […]