A Wealth of Trading Resources at Your Fingertips

Many traders tend to think that professionals are successful because of the information they have at their disposal. They have the best newsfeeds, the best insight, the best strategies to exploit global developments. Fortunately, this is no longer true. The internet era has basically eliminated the information asymmetry that professionals had in the past. At […]

Hashflare Cracks Down on BTC Mining

If you are a crypto enthusiast, or you have spent some time surfing the niche, you probably are aware of Hashflare standing out among cloud-based mining services. However, it just went hard on BTC and disabled all BTC mining contracts. An official statement was issued by the company, where they explicitly mentioned that all of […]

Intuitive Signs of a Cryptocurrency Bubble

There were signs during the last bull market that showed cryptocurrencies were about to take a turn for the worse, as it has been for some time now, and while this current market has been somewhat discouraging it is also a necessary part of the stabilization that will eventually see cryptocurrency markets become mainstream. With […]

Opera Browser is Spearheading the Cryptorevolution

On August 8th, Opera through a press release announced that they will launch a browser that features a pre-installed cryptocurrency wallet, as reported by CoinTelegraph. Opera has been spearheading and competing for crypto attention since this July, as evidenced by the release of a wallet feature on their Android app. The plan seems to be […]

Wallet Development

Weekly Game Plan 13 Aug 18

Themes for the week ahead: The coming week looks likely to be another eventful one, with the Turkey crisis dominating. The Eu is exposed to Turkish banks and the ECB is worried about non-hedged exposure to Turkish binary options affilaite companies and if Turkish banks fail, there will be a contagion effect. The only solution […]

IBM and Maersk are Turning the Shipping Industry on Top of its Head With Their Latest Revelation

On July 9th, business giants IBM and A.P. Moller – Maersk released a press release through www.prnewswire.com informing the world about TradeLens, a platform that is designed to become the worlds’ most powerful shipping ecosystem. Coming from somebody else, this might be a surprise, but both IBM and Maersk are giant players in international business. This […]

Major Crypto Exchanges Moving Into Fiat Trading

Exchanges have played a vital role in bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses. As the primary means to convert fiat into blockchain assets, they are indispensable to the crypto economy. Exchanges have evolved significantly over the years, and as they take on new roles they demonstrate that the blockchain revolution is still in its infancy. Recently […]