5 Ways to Build a Better Customer Experience

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Online and mobile shopping have changed how customers make a purchase, and with that, the customer experience. From the first time a customer steps into a store, to taking their receipt, the customer is on a journey to make their purchase. The checkout process is an especially crucial part of this experience, whether you sell online or in a brick-and-mortar store. A customer should complete their experience feeling happy with their purchase, and glad the payment process was easy and convenient. A lengthy or drawn out checkout process can disappoint customers and put a damper on what was an otherwise enjoyable experience. Here’s a few ways you can ensure your checkout process goes smoothly, whether in-person or online.

Make It Easy to Pay Online

If you regularly bill customers with invoices, online payment options can streamline and simplify the checkout process. Instead of manually taking down a customer’s information and keying it in or requiring payment by check, offering online payment can be more secure and more convenient. For instance, Fattmerchant offers web-hosted payment options. You can set up single or recurring invoices in the virtual terminal, and with our Omni platform, you can view reports and manage all of your payment processing in one dashboard, and sync your data to QuickBooks Online. Customers can make a payment online quickly and easily, and you can even customize and add form fields to your page!

Keep It Simple

If you own an online store, the checkout process can be frustrating for customers if there are too many steps and forms. Keeping the checkout process simple can shape the customer experience for the better. In fact, a recent survey showed that some users abandoned their online shopping cart because a checkout process was too long or complicated. Offering convenient guest checkout options, or not requiring account registration before starting the checkout process, simplifies and streamlines the process.

Integrate Your Payment Flow

Integrating your payment flow not only streamlines how you collect payment, but makes it easier to accept payment on-the-go. With Fattmerchant’s virtual terminal, a business owner can send a sale started on a virtual terminal to a physical terminal to accept a card present transaction. You can even finish payments on your mobile device! An integrated payment flow can give you and you customer peace of mind and convenience, and you can get paid from wherever you are!

Optimize Your Checkout Process

Many shoppers are turning to their phones for making purchases, but shopping cart abandonment rates are still an issue for mobile shopping. If your website or online store isn’t optimized for mobile, you could be losing out on customers and transactions. Your checkout process should be mobile-friendly as well, and easy to navigate. Broken pages can frustrate customers, and they could even leave your online store without making a purchase if they find the website difficult to navigate. Make sure all links work, and that entire checkout process is still functional while on a mobile device, with no pages breaking or timing out.

Send Receipts

Receipts are vital for record-keeping, even in digital settings. Once a customer finishes the checkout process, be sure to send a receipt! For online purchases, a receipt might be sent to a customer’s email address for their own records once they’ve completed the payment process. These records allow you to manage payment easily, and gives your customers a way to keep track of their purchases. In the Fattmerchant virtual terminal, receipts can even be customized with your store’s name and logo, and sent automatically to customers after they complete a purchase!

A streamlined and simple checkout process can be an impactful part of the customer experience, and a simple way to track payments can make all of the difference for a business owner. Omni by Fattmerchant is a powerful, integrated platform that brings all of your business processing under one roof, so all of your data is easy to find. You’ll have access to all of your data in one convenient dashboard, with a single API for processing both card present and card not present transactions. Our platform is easy-to-use and an all-in-one solution for your payment processing needs! Check out the Omni platform today and see how payment processing should be. Unified.

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