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13th July 2019 Off By binary
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The Trump administration recently announced a change in policy regarding organ donations. Henceforth, donors will be compensated for lost wages and some other expenses. There are some other organizational changes in organ transplant management that should also boost transplants. This is probably the best thing the Trump administration has done since taking office, and it will likely save many lives.

But it’s just a start. The government needs to compensate organ donors at a level sufficient to eliminate the shortage of transplant kidneys and livers. This would save tens of thousands of American lives each year, and would also save billions of dollars in tax money. Learn from Iran!

It’s appalling that no previous administration did what the Trump administration did this week. And a future generation of Americans will be appalled that we did not go even further in deregulating organ transplant markets. Still, it’s a very nice first step.

PS.  Steve Hanke agrees:

President Trump’s actions go near the edge of what current law allows. As I wrote in a December 2018 Forbes column, the federal government should go further. It should allow compensation to donors in addition to the payment of lost wages and expenses. Reasonable levels of compensation should be enough to eliminate the shortages of kidneys and livers entirely. This would require action by the Congress to reform the National Organ Transplant Act.

HT:  Frank McCormick

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