Algonest robo-advisor

Algonest robo-advisor is an online, automated portfolio management service. our company uses special computer algorithms — a set of rules to choose appropriate investments based on several factors. Our robo advising service perfectly well combines both technological progress and human knowledges.

This type of service has a lower cost. But still anyway it brings to investors high returns. Opting for our robo-advisor service will be convenient for those who want someone else to handle their investments without any close or direct relationship with a human advisor.

AlgoNest® service utilizes gateways to currency exchanges all over the world to finish deals and trades at currency markets. The innovative algorithmic technology used by AlgoNest® allows to earn profit from speculative operations on currency markets. Investment amount of various investors may be different, the main point is that all the invested funds are accumulated which definitely increases the profit rate.

One of the main advantages of Algonest is the system of obtaining profit. Most investment companies specializing in the management of raised funds, charge a fee that does not depend on the outcome. Typically, this is a flat payment or a percentage of the amount of money in management. Our remuneration is 5.3% of the net amount of profit earned by the investment. Remuneration is only withheld at the end of the term of the investment deposit.

AlgoNest® robo-advisory system uses different strategies according to the investors` goals, terms and initial investment amount. Funds are placed in a particular strategy`s cumulative fund. So the total amount may result really high and all the profit gained in the cumulative fund is distributed between the investors who have joined the strategy, in percentage of their investment.
Amount the most important advantages is the availability of instruments for short term investments with really high returns. AlgoNest® uses the innovative algorithmic technology. Once opened an account, an investor may choose up to 3 different strategies, on some of all the available strategies annual returns reach up to 1200%. Strategies are chosen basing on investors` preferences and risk-tolerance.