Artificial Intelligence Mirocana will make trading more efficient

20th October 2017 Off By binary
Artificial Intelligence Mirocana will make trading more efficient

On November 19, the Mirocana project begins an open sale of tokens. Mirocana is an artificial intelligence that predicts the stock, currency and crypto-currency markets, using deep neural learning technology.

From October 19 to October 29, at the pre-sale stage, the MIRO tokens are subject to a discount of up to 35%, depending on the purchase amount.

The most important qualities of the system are self-learning, transparency of actions and lack of emotions. All operations take place on customer accounts integrated with Mirocana, which makes the interaction process more secure.

Mirocana predicts shares of more than 400 companies traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges, 125 currency pairs available from the OANDA broker and 90 currency pairs available on the Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp exchanges, etc.

Also, three crowdsourcing platforms will be available to users: ALPHA – allowing to create new strategies, SIGMA – with which you can simulate forecasts and TARGET – it will allow you to share your forecasts.

During the first 8 months after the ICO, Mirocana will not be charged, after which the company will begin to retain 25% of the client’s profit and reimburse 25% of the possible losses.

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