The Risks and Rewards of Trading Small Timeframes

I have recently been engaged in conversations with traders that have obtained good results over some timespan by trading sub-hourly timeframes. While it is possible to utilize micro timeframes for more accurate entries and stop placement, I have a strong bias against intraday trading and focusing on the micro timeframes. In trading, it is possible […]

Bithumb Says They Lost $30 mil. Worth of Crypto

On June 20th, at about 3 am UTC, Bithumb announced a notice for Twitter subscribers explaining that the reason behind the suspension of deposit and withdrawals is because they noticed $30 mil to be missing from the exchange. They assured everyone that Bithumb would cover all expenses and affected users will be fully refunded. Then […]

Blockchain Game Launched by Chinese Search Engine Baidu

Baidu is an international tech company based in China. It was established in January 2000 and currently it is the second largest search engine after Google. The company announced this week that they are launching a space game operating on a blockchain. The game is called “Du Yuzhou” which translated means “The Universe” and is intended […]