Auto Profit Signals Software

17th February 2017 Off By Jamey Darien
Auto Profit Signals Software

The new Auto Profit Signals software is a SCAM! Make sure to read this review because if you sign-up, you’ll definitely lose your money.

Due to a lot of negative feedback he received and for other reasons as well, Mike stated that the Automated Cash Signals is a scam. Right from the start, before even reading our review, you can be sure that Auto Profit Signals is a’s easily possible to confirm that Auto Profit Signals is similar to the Automated Cash Signals scam by comparing the websites that both URLs lead to. and look EXACTLY the same! But even without knowing that, the Auto Profit Signals website exhibits many characteristics of scam offers. For example, when you go to, you’ll see a label that says “54 People in the queue waiting for a position in the Auto Profit Signals.”

This number will steadily grow the more you remain on the website, but leave and return and it goes back to 54. When you’re trying to leave the page, a message pops up and tries to prevent you from leaving. You will be offered a free bonus in case you provide them your email address within a minute. We waited one minute and the offer was still there. By the way, taking a bonus is not always a great idea. Another fake backward counter appears on the sign up page where you are required to enter your information. They give you 10 minutes for that, but of course it is just another lie and you can take your time with this form.

Auto Profit Signals software

According to Mike Stevens, the creator of this bogus site, the software is completely exclusive. This is obviously a lie. They will not miss any chance to scam you. Auto Profit Signals is very widely promoted. To give another example for their fabrications: Check out the testimonials published on They are fake. We found the sources of the pictures in various image selling websites such as However, the strongest proof that Auto Profit Signals software is a fraud is the fact that its predecessor, Automated Cash Signals, was a scam!

The claim that with Auto Profit Signals it’s possible to make thousands of dollars per week is unbelievable. Online traders can achieve high performance and make this kind of money, however you won’t see a penny from Auto Profit Signals. Not only will they hook you up with some of the worst binary options brokers available, but also the success rate that was reported by Automated Cash Signals was around 50%, certainly not enough to make money.

We really cannot believe that Mike Stevens has “generated over $31,546.33 every single month consistently for nearly 4 years,” like he claims. If search Google for reviews on Automated Cash Signals and Auto Profit Signals, you’ll find many positive reviews. These are planted by the producers of the software even before the launch. Also, some review sites are made with the sole purpose of promoting every new scam that comes out. Trust no one. Always contact us before joining a new binary options system to avoid falling for scams.

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