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Copy Trading Binary Options

In this article we will discuss and test binary options social trading.

Nowadays there are many types of binary options trading that will help you increase your income. This may be short-term trading or binary options auto-trade that’s available with some brokers (be careful with this type of trading and study the broker patiently so that you don’t get yourself into fraud). We’ve already talked about trading using signals, it was profitable for us, but it doesn’t always guarantee you a 100% success. We won’t even consider receiving signals by SMS or e-mail, as, from our point of view, it’s a losing kind of trade. You won’t be able to catch the declared value, since it takes too much time for the signal to arrive and the value of the asset is far from the one indicated in the signal.

Well, if you don’t have time to learn the basics of fundamental analysis and be in front of your computer at certain times to be able to use signals, we will discuss such type of binary options trading as binary options social trading.

Who are these people who use copytrading?

Some platforms offer the opportunity to subscribe to another trader’s transactions (basically, copy them into your account). But whose trades will we copy automatically using the methods of social trading in binary options? It’s company’s customers whose percentage of successful trades is more than 80%. If a trader has been trading successfully for a long time, the broker may offer him to become their partner. For this, he will receive a small percentage for every single successful trade made for the customers who are subscribed to him. If traders have a lot of subscribers, it brings income 3-4 times bigger than trading on their own. In binary options social trading its normal.

How to become a social trader in binary options social trading?

If your broker hasn’t noticed your progress yet, but you want to offer your services to fellow traders, you can contact your broker and after reviewing your proposal you may receive a positive answer. If everything goes well, in the next few days you will see your name in the statistics table among traders with the best results.

How do they do it? Binary options social trading.

Only they know it. They can use signals, basics of chart analysis, reverse trading or the obvious rise or fall in assets. In this case, what we care about is result so let’s check it out.
We have chosen FreeStyle Options as an example. There were many reasons for this, but in this article we don’t compare binary options brokers – we just review one of the types of binary options social trading.

We use binary options social trading.

First of all, we choose a trader from the list. Take your time and don’t choose the one who’s at the top of the social trading list for binary options right away. He may trade less than the one lower on the list. We have chosen mr. Goff

Binary Options Social Trading

Then we choose the duration of our subscription, a period during which we will have another trader’s transactions copied. Keep in mind that a trader can trade whenever he pleases, for example today he goes for 10 trades and tomorrow – only for 2. It’s up to him.

Then we select amount per trade and investment amount. This means that our account will be charged a certain amount in the range of our investment. We recommend that you choose at least 1:10 to fully copy the trades and income. You can choose 2 trades and lose them, which means that even if the trader has 8 winning ones after that, you won’t see the result. So, if you choose to trade $50 then you should choose at least $500 worth of investment.

Binary Options Social Trading

Now we have to wait. And here is the result!!! Thank you social trade

Binary Options Social Trading

We got the profit of $587. Of course, our winnings will be charged a certain fee, but it’s not very big for the pleasure that we experienced from seeing our balance grow. If we get $85 profit from a $100 trade, management fee will be just 20%, which is $17 and the rest is ours. And if there are 10 trades like this per day? That’s $680 of daily profit, and don’t forget that we didn’t have to do anything for it! How much is it in a week? $3400! Of course, that’s just averagecalculations since you may get less than 10 trades a day and not all of them may be winning ones. BUT! Even if that’s half of the amount which we can count on, it’s just incredible.

We hope that with this review we have helped you with getting closer to your financial independence and made it clear for you how you can make money on the binary options social trading.

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Top binary copy trading profile
 Username:CountryWin rate:Average trade size:Generated profit:More infoPlatform
copy traderPauli TamminenFinland89.00%$170$72,897.00
Followcopy trader
copy traderTopTrend SignalsUnited Kingdom93.00%$50$370,841.00
Followcopy trader
copy traderZdeněk DušekCzech Republic88.00%$85$170,854.00
Followcopy trader
copy traderAdam MistrovArmenia89.00%$70$354,897.00
Followcopy trader
copy traderBronislava VenckieneLithuania65%$250$0 no data
Followcopy trader
copy traderNicolo GabossiItaly75%$300$0 no data
Followcopy trader
copy traderMd RokibulBangladesh68%$500$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy traderAntonio PereiraPorkulalia63%$250$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy tradingOtavio PellosiBrazil75%$200$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy tradingThiago FillipeBrazil87%$250$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy tradingRIGPALithuania75%$100$3874,64.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingFxTakumiUSA61.25%$100$4437,00.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingForexSmartmoneySpain41.05%$300$11449,48.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingSenchalRussia39.15%$300RUB229360,83.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingCaduceusUSA59.25%$350$12499,70.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingNAGARIAUSA69.25%$500$2713.49Followcopy trader
copy tradingArashIran48.05%$200$3542.91Followcopy trader
copy tradingCaduceusUSA52.65%$500$12499.70Followcopy trader
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Yes, I have long suffered with different trading strategies. I do not always choose the right social trade master, but I am getting stable profit, though sometimes there are days when the social trade master bit loses, but at the end of the month, as a professional, he helps me to earn an income and no money to loss

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many forex companies offer service in copytrading, finally now this kind of trading has reached and for binary trading


Non sono solito a commentare sui forum ma in questo caso lo considero come un obbligo perché’ prima di diventare un cliente della social trade ero molto scettico e a volte anche maleducato per via delle esperienze passate non mi fidavo di nessuno. Ho deciso poi di provare ad aprire un conto con loro rimanendo sempre sulla difensiva perché’ all’inizio tutti ti trattano bene ma devo dire che da 1 anno il loro comportamento è sempre rimasto serio e invariato nei miei confronti.


Who worked with Grosl signals provider? Share the experience and how many successful signals a day?


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It is better to find a copy trading platform where there are professionals who can be copy. I tried with etoro but lost my deposit

Binary Options Social Trading