American Binary Options Trading

American Binary Options Trading

Currently there are quite enough derivatives which are used by traders. And Binary Options trading has a particular significance here. Their distinctive feature is that you get the high win rate using any basic asset.

There are also labelling in Binary Options trading. They are primarily devided into American and European platforms. The differenceis that a trader is able to withdraw their money before the contract is up. On one hand, this is a really substantial advantage for those traders who are willing to break the contract ahead of time without losing their money. However, the win rate for the American Binary Options trading is really lower than The European one. So this is the main disadvantage of it.
American Binary Options Trading
Withall, nowadays there is an option to break the contract in European Binary Options as well, but with tha smaller profit. And this moment is really important for a trader to decide: either to finish their trading with a smaller margin, or to keep up with the contract and wait for the expiries to be closed, if one’s sure of the trading analysis.

Where to trade the American Binary Options Trading.

The USA, as well as Europe, houses dozens of brokers giving traders the opportunity to buy this type of contracts. In actual fact, these companies do not differ from Cyprus and Russian ones. Their primary service is a stable platform equipped with various trading tools. Today’s traders who are trying to reach the American Binary Options Trading platforms hope that the binary Options trading is more reliable there. But unfortunately it’s not this fair kind of story. According to the latest researc, the swindling commited by the American companies has increased recently in comparison with the European platforms. And it’s almost impossible to pursue in court the American company, while the CIS traders still have got some chance to influence the European brokers. Nevertheless the American brokers are not that much popular among the CIS traders because of a low win rate for this rate is the main criteria for the traders all over the world.

NADEX broker’s board.

The majority of traders might have heard of this broker’s board. This is a Northern American Binary Options Trading platform for derivatives trading. It was founded in 2004 and currently it is completely PC- assisted. It is regulated by US CFTC (US Commodity Futures Trading Committee). We should note here, that NADEX is a market maker. But basically, this is a sort of platform providing its clients with Binary Options trading, and “broker’s board” is optional here. Yes, it’s absolutely correct, that this is a US regulated broker, but this fact is not promising for the European clients at all. Moreover, one more
barrier might occur: NADEX is very likely to become a monopolist at the American market, for the majority of brokers are not regulated in US. And, as you know, monopoly is a very unfavourable process for the traders.

The principles of collaborating with this broker are simple: a trader is able to sign the contract for diverse assets andrange of expiries.
Different educational content is at your disposal.

As you can see, NADEX does not differ from the European brokers much.

Why are the European Binary Options trading platforms are better to choose?

There are many reasons for European Binary Options trading system to be really popular. For first, it’s offered by the European brokers, unlike the American Binary Options Trading platforms. Plus, there are many companies providing this services, which have appeared in CIS, and Binex is also one of them. For second, European contracts (in the comparison to the American Binary Options trading) are more profitable and many companies already offer the option of calling off your contract and money withdrawal. This is a perfect chance to maximize your profit and minimize the risks.

And finally, while working with the European platforms, you get the chance to trade with Russian basic assets as well. And this is a huge advantage. You are very much unlikely to come across with “Gazprom” stocks or Russian market index at American Binary Options Trading platforms.

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