Economic Calendar

Real Time Economic Calendar

Median forecasts, what our site publishes a weekly Economic Calendar consisting of forecasts of 15 economists, the recognition of the best in its category (with the help of known resources) and scored the highest in our contest over the past 12 months, as well as forecasts of the most recent winner of the Forecaster month competition.

The Trading Economic Calendar provides you with direct access to our calendar and historical data on thousands of indicators. The API can be used to feed a website, off-the-shelf software like Microsoft Excel or a custom developed application. Providing several request methods to query our databases.

The use of the economic calendar also allows you to assess the impact of economic news on the result of changes in the trading volume of shares of various companies or currency pairs. It will be easy for you to analyze the trade and make profit using this information. Forecasting a change in the movement of assets will help you make a profit and not lose your investment.

For Currency pairs trading you need to conduct a daily analysis of the changing world situation in the forex market and binary options market. Read more.

Economic Calendar