Binomo broker

The Binomo broker is the choice of active traders

Greetings, fellow traders of binary options. Today I want to present you with an overview of a very interesting platform that I personally use for my work on the market. I’m referring to the service from the Binomo brokerage company. I discovered this trading terminal 4 months ago, and I will say this not as an advertisement, but as a recommendation – this service for options trading is the most professional and efficient platform available today for obtaining high, stable profits.

What is the appeal of the terminal?

Well, almost all traders have faced the problem of choosing a professional service for binary options trading. The main problem here is not only the security of your capital and the ability to quickly get the money you earn, but also access to the widest possible selection of tools for both trading and market analysis. Having tried out the main platforms on the binary market, I realized that only the Binomo service solves most of the technical problems of trading and provides an optimal set of trading conditions and forecasting tools. Among the advantages of the broker I will highlight the following:

  • A convenient operating chart in wide format, the functionality of which includes a very large choice of various settings allowing you to set the most favorable conditions for trading and analyzing quotes: 4 modes of chart display, timeframes in the range of 5 seconds to 5 minutes, scaling of trading quotes, market history.

Binomo broker

This is how the company provides traders with the most convenient technical conditions for working with binary options.

  • Binomo broker. A large and very diverse set of financial assets.

You can trade on 80 assets on this company’s platform, and not only with currency pairs, but also stocks, commodities, and goods. Such a variety of assessment tools allows you to maximize your potential for making a profit. Personally, I take advantage of this opportunity. Creating risk diversification by forming trading packets on various assets is the only way to reduce risks and losses by 20%. In addition, there is a really cool possibility to trade on asset correlations. Overall, the effectiveness of my trading increased by 25% just from using Binomo assets.

Binomo broker

  • Analysis tools. Thanks to the variety and efficiency of its market forecasting toolset, this terminal is the absolute champion.

There is a set of standard indicators offered for technical analysis, as well as chart tools for systems without indicator market assessment and classic trend strategies. This technical toolkit allows you to use the widest range of trading strategies, which will maximize your trading performance.

Binomo broker

When working on a variety of trading systems that can be built using the Binomo broker forecasting services, you can consistently achieve profitable contracts at a rate of up to 85%, and dynamically increase your capital.

  • Very convenient and functional trade settings.

The Binomo broker service offers both turbo and standard binary options trading contracts. The difference between them is only in the periodicity of expiration, the range of which is from 1 minute to 24 hours. On this issue, I should note the very convenient step of increasing or decreasing your options expirations, which will allow you to set the most optimal trade duration. And, of course, I must say that registering trading contracts on this terminal is almost instantaneous – 1.7 ms, without delays from terminal hang-ups or other difficulties and problems.

  • As an additional tool and ancillary service, the company provides clients with a wide range of informational services.

This includes trading training, a collection of trading strategies, a knowledge base of terms, and a variety of instructions. And, of course, the broker’s demo account is a whole other topic. This ancillary service can be used not only as a means of training, but also as a professional and sufficiently effective binary options strategy tester. Personally, it helps me very much in my work on the market and in analysing my errors.

Binomo broke

In conclusion, you can talk endlessly about methods of trading and the advantages of the Binomo terminal. But there is one indisputable fact – this platform is the most high-quality technical product for trading which is currently available on the market. Its effectiveness and tools allow traders and me personally to get the highest trading indices, and in the most stable mode. Considering this, I recommend getting acquainted with this company as a reliable trading partner.

What our subscribers are saying about Binomo broker

Marcus N

Wow! You know what you are talking. Most of the experts in the industry just keep sending junk information our way. I was saved from this pseudo-information, thanks to Binomo. This brokerage platform made it possible for hundreds of investors like me to find accurate trading information. I have used three big brokerages before. As most of my information was junk, I ended up losing $5000 of my hard earned money. Thanks for your information and Binomo, I have finally made some profit. Keep up the good work!


I like this broker. The main reason is that they give to newcomers great opportunity to learn and then to earn.

Vitalik Nikolayev

I got acquainted with binary options relatively recently, but I already earn a stable income every month. With the money I’ve earned I can now buy new gadgets, which is quite good. At first it was difficult and unfamiliar, but by setting aside 2-3 hours a day for training, I managed to get comfortable with it. By the way, Binomo has excellent training materials, and they helped me reach my current level.