The price of bitcoin went down against the news of the blocking of WhatsApp in China

18th October 2017 Off By binary
The price of bitcoin went down against the news of the blocking of WhatsApp in China

On Wednesday, October 18, the price of bitcoin fell on a number of exchanges to around $ 5,250. The day before the weighted average rate of the first crypto currency reached $ 5741.58.

The decrease in the bitcoin rate occurs against the backdrop of incoming news from China, where the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) kicked off. This sign for the Middle Kingdom event is expected to adopt a number of strategic decisions, including, possibly, relating to the cryptocurrency.

The first news from Beijing, however, concerns this sphere so far only indirectly. As reported by CNBC, in China, a popular messenger WhatsApp was blocked. Also there are failures in the work of other social platforms, including WeChat. The latter is especially popular among Chinese crypto investors.

In the meantime, the TASS agency reports that in the next five years the Chinese leadership will intensify the work on creating a “clean and bright” global network space and, in the end, will provide comprehensive control over it. Such a statement at the opening of the congress was made by Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping.

According to him, special attention will be paid to delineating the spheres of responsibility of the competent authorities for the appearance of this or that information on the Internet.

However, as the chart shows, the trend towards lower prices was observed on Tuesday, so news from China, apparently, only partially affect the current situation on the market.

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