Bitcoin can not be banned

15th September 2017 Off By binary
Bitcoin can not be banned
Bitcoin can not be banned

The largest Chinese news newspaper published an article stating that it is “impossible” to prohibit bitcoins in China.

According to the author, Professor of Guanghua University Liu Xiaolet, authorities should only worry about the possibility of crypto currency to increase speculative transactions in the domestic economy.

“Given the decentralized trading characteristics of crypto-currencies, such as bitcoyne, it is not realistic to prohibit bitcoin,” Liu wrote.

“… If Bitcoin does not have value in the real economy, but rather exists as a speculative investment, then the restriction of speculation will help the crypto-currency funds from speculation to return to the real economy.”

The comments appeared as a response to the ban on ICOs, a decision that China made last week.

There are also concerns that the Bitkoyn-Fiat exchange may also be subject to a ban, which has already significantly affected the prices of crypto-currency trading, despite the lack of official information.

On the issue of exchange, Liu agreed that control should be established, stating that “it is quite possible and necessary to strengthen the supervision of trading platforms for crypto-currency.”

Nevertheless, with regard to the ITS remain warnings, repeating the ongoing suspicion of an increasing number of international regulators publishing official warnings to potential investors.

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