Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code Review – Avoid Scam!

Read this uncontroversial review regarding the Bitcoin Code SCAM, before you risk more than your money! Fake positive reviews coupled with phony “live” trading videos have resulted in the Bitcoin Code trading software for binary options to go viral.

Highly reviewed on a number of notorious scam sites that pretend to serve as watchdogs for binary options, these scam sites are looking out for everything but your best interest. Throughout our Bitcoin Code software review we will unravel all the deceptive lies and share with you safer investment alternatives.
Bitcoin Code

Debunking the Bitcoin Code Scam

One of the reasons why the Bitcoin Code scam has gone viral would be due to the wide number of fake reviews along with deceptive promotional videos that are used to lure you in. Relying on paid actors to provide premeditated scripts disclosing phony testimonials are only meant to help earn your trust that way you are more likely to sign up with this scam. Not only are all the actors mediocre, but the testimonials used further down the webpage are purchased stock images from online image banks.

Steve McKay is the alleged “genius” behind the Bitcoin Code. Claiming that he is an ex-software developer for a large firm whose name he “prefers not to disclose” is such a ridiculous joke. Claiming that the Bitcoin trading software has generated over $18,484,931.77 in profit within the past 6 month alone is a flat out lie. As you can see in the image below the Bitcoin Code website, was only created a few weeks ago on June 19th, 2017. Meaning that Steve McKay is claiming that his software has made over $18 million in less than a month.
Bitcoin Code
Sounds a little too good to be true, right? Yeah, we thought so as well! Steve McKay is nothing more than a paid actor used to serve as the scapegoat for this elementary trading scam. However, after further investigation, we discovered that Steve McKay is nothing but the tip of the iceberg. Further investigation into the Bitcoin Code trading software scam revealed that two of the testimonials used in the pitch video for Bitcoin Code are delivered from paid actors.