Bitfury and the Ripple payment network have announced a partnership

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Bitfury and the Ripple payment network have announced a partnership aimed at providing communication, similar to the Lightning network, between various blockchain and payment networks.

Thanks to the new protocol, transactions in the Lightning Network

are compatible with the Interpreter network developed by Ripple, and through it with other distributed systems. That is, the code will allow you to link different blockbodies.

It is planned that issuing transaction processing outside the blockroom will allow processing millions of operations per second. There is already a demo that shows how you can link Bitcoin and Lightcoyne networks.

The main developer of Ripple, Stefan Thomas says that in the future this technology will allow making payments between a bank account, Alipay, PayPal, bitcoin and other networks and payment systems. This will be possible thanks to the application of the Interledger protocol, which connects private and public detachments. Now the protocol is working in the test network, and the developers are checking its security.

The main thing is not to repeat the mistake when unknown bitcoin cash miner controls almost 97 network

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