Byzantium Ethereum platform

12th October 2017 Off By binary
Byzantium Ethereum platform

The next update of the Ethereum platform is expected in less than a week. this is the Byzantium. Changes should concern all interested parties on the blockade of the Etherium. They should accelerate and facilitate the work of the platform, improving the speed of transactions, the security of smart contracts and adding, perhaps, confidentiality.

Since the transition to Byzantium depends on the update of network nodes, it is important that customers who offer software for the nodes are ready for it. It is necessary that their software actually contain EIP, which uses the Byzantium hail. Although each client acts according to the same rules, they are written in different programming languages ​​and are supported by different development groups. When EIPs will be encoded with the client block number, then Byzantium’s hardtop will be launched. At the moment, most customers are already ready for it.

As for the miners, as the Etherium of Transaction will be faster, they will need to spend less effort. The update will speed up the operation of their units, and after Byzantium decreases by 2 ETH, they will receive compensation at about $ 604, according to current performance of Ethereum platform.

If everything goes according to plan, the exchanges will not affect these updates. Applications launched on the Ether are also unlikely to encounter difficulties.

Providing hard fork occurs sequentially through the nodes, so updates should be activated instantly after reaching the block number to 4,370,000.

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