Bitcoin Code Review – Avoid Scam!

Read this uncontroversial review regarding the Bitcoin Code SCAM, before you risk more than your money! Fake positive reviews coupled with phony “live” trading videos have resulted in the Bitcoin Code trading software for binary options to go viral. Continue reading

5 Gold Trading Myths Exposed!

Let’s take a break from exposing scams and talk about one of the most popular trading assets, the Gold option. Available on every binary options platform in the market today. Based on statistics published by (the pioneer of binary options since 2007), Continue reading

Terran Capitals is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!
Terran Capitals review

After gathering some disturbing facts, as it relates to the Terran Capitals

SCAM, we decided to post a critical review and warn the community of the fake software. Unfortunately the website is either a terrible hoax or a highly misleading fraud, but one thing we know is that it’s not a serious binary options Auto-Trader. Continue reading

Trade Sniper is a SCAM!
Real SCAM Trade Sniper !

Trade Sniper is a poor excuse for a trading software, we encourage you to read this review and avoid falling for this scam! Originally, was launched on March 2015, but currently is being promoted again via email campaigns, so you’re going to start hearing a lot about them. Continue reading

Virtual Income SCAM ! Real SCAM Software Review!

Real SCAM Software Review!

It doesn’t get any worst than the Virtual Income SCAM software that recently came out, presented by an alleged “Henry Howes” who cannot be confirmed. After several complaints related to, we decided that it’s time to expose the fraud, before day-traders register with this misleading Automated Virtual Income Profit System. Continue reading

Tokyo Bot Review – Avoid this new SCAM!

Tokyo Bot

Here is another fake binary options software – The Tokyo Bot by Hiro Katsumi, an Americanized Japanese trader who found a “day trading enlightenment” at the Tokyo Exchange after realizing that Westerners are just too impulsive and emotional when it comes to day trading. After finding true peace at the Tokyo Exchange, Hiro Katsumi mastered binary options and apparently decided to create the Tokyo Bot Scam. If it sounds like complete garbage, it probably is! Don’t be mistaken, the Tokyo Bot is definitely a scam and it kind of reminds us of the Ex German Banker Robot. Continue reading

The Monaco Millionaire SCAM!! Don’t waste your time!

Monaco Millionaire

What a surprise? All the generic, over-night blogs are already giving the Monaco Millionaire SCAM positive endorsements. The truth will come out very soon and those website are powerless as we plan to completely debunk this virtual fraud machine and warn as many people as we can to avoid spending a dollar on this fraud! The website in question:, and what do you know? There’s only 1 more spot left since we spent about 20 minutes on the website. Refresh your browser and it’s like a miracle, more spots are suddenly available. Continue reading

Tratika Auto-Trader Exposed!

Tratika auto-trader

Another rip off of the United Trading Network social trader has made an appearance in the binary options industry.Found at, this scam system looks quite familiar with the United Trading Network, however the feedback that we have received from our subscribers who have been scammed by the Tratika auto-trader is evidence enough to conclude we are dealing with yet again another scam. During this scam review, we will expose the Tratika auto-trader, share our victimized subscribers feedback and provide you with a means that will allow you to report scams and check out legit online trading services. Continue reading