Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading: advantages and disadvantages.

High-frequency trading, HFT is the basic form of algorithmic trading on financial markets. This method uses advanced mathematical models for fast trading of securities, arbitrage, futures, binary options, currency pairs.In high frequency trading or trading algorithmic robots, special trading strategies are used, in which computers buy and sell assets within less than a second. Continue reading

Currency pairs EUR-USD

The Dream Pairing: USD/EUR Currency Options

Many trading sites would have you believe that there really is no such thing as the best anything and that trading comes from planning, research and strategy and up to a point

I am highly inclined to agree with them and yet there is something distinctly different about trading against the USD/EUR currency pair that sets it apart from any other pairing. Continue reading

Risk free trades for binary options trading

How to use Risk Free Trades?

Currently beginners who only go to the binary options market is faced with a variety of promotional materials that offer them all kinds of trading bonuses, training materials as well as some brokers offer what is called a risk free trades. We want to help newcomers understand what it is, because we get a lot of questions from new traders, Continue reading

Top 5 trading stratagies

Top 5 Trading Stratagies For Binary Options

Nowadays, trading binary options gain its popularity among traders worldwide. It doesn`t matter, if you are a novice or an experienced trader, all traders including this financial instrument in their investment portfolios. Like any business binary options demand to have a strategy which will provide you to make money. Continue reading

The Benefits of Binary Options 60 seconds

Binary options have always been a good financial tool for institutional clients, whocooperated with banking institutions that provide over the counter products. Lately broker has started to offer binary options trading to those retail brokers that provide customers with access to these simple but efficient trading instruments. Binary options is an easy way for traders to speculate on the direction of the market, and get high profits within short period of time. Continue reading

Choosing Binary Options Broker

Trading binary options is fun only when you have a good reliable broker but to find one, you need to do some research first. Of course, you want a broker where your funds are safe. What points should you pay attention to while picking a binary options broker?

Binary Options Regulation

Choosing Binary Options Broker.Binary options brokers should be regulated by authorities of the countries they are located in. Most of good binary options brokers are regulated by the CySEC. Continue reading