Republic Protocol

Republic Protocol set to introduce the first decentralized dark pool

Cryptocurrency traders might soon be able to trade in Bitcoin, Ether and ERC20 tokens without revealing their identities. The details of the transaction will also be kept private, protecting the market from the impact of massive transactions which have traditionally affected the price due to panics. Republic Protocol is the startup that is making all […]


Last Chance to Invest in e-Chat, ICO Ends on March 1, 2018

According to the decision made by the e-Chat management team, the main round of ICO is extended until March 1, 2018. There are a couple of reasons for that. 1) The e-Chat team is still hesitant about the e-Chat Ethereum fork. As it was mentioned before, the fork might take place right after the ICO. […]


Viberate Partners With Changelly And Opens A Way For A Mass Token Adoption

The token for the live music industry has just become available to a much broader audience, since it’s now available for purchase with Visa or Mastercard via Listing the token on the service also allows for the direct exchange with all other coins and tokens, which makes it even easier to buy VIB with […]

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Celebrities and ICOs: Why the two don’t go well together

Steven Seagal, the beloved action films hero, is on the news and this time it’s not because he has a new movie. He is the latest celebrity to endorse an ICO, joining a list that’s growing longer every day of celebrities who have endorsed cryptocurrencies, either during ICOs or even after. This list contains some […]

eToro Top Manager

eToro Top Manager Becomes Tokenbox CEO

Tokenbox, a unique platform for creating and managing cryptocurrency funds, has announced the appointment of Chief Executive Officer. Pavel Salas, former regional director for eToro and a well-known cryptocurrency trader, had previously been an adviser for the project. From now on he will lead the Tokenbox team. Prior to joining Tokenbox, Pavel Salas had been […]

Play2Live Opens the Main Token Sale with Release of the MVP 2.0

Alexey Burdyko, CEO of Play2Live, opens the token sale event with a Q&A live stream on the updated P2L platform on February 21st, 17:00 UTC, answering product and sale related questions. February 21st, Malta — Play2Live (P2L), the first full-blown blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and esports fans, operating on BitShares 2.0, has released its […]


The First Multi-Cryptocurrency Skill Gaming Platform

The PlayHall team is taking part in d10e Conference, which will be held in Silicon Valley. The program of the event includes the PlayHall CTO’s Vadim Nareyko (ex-CEO of INDUTO) speech on Blockchain and Skill Gaming starting at 12:00 PM on 15 February. PlayHall will also have an exhibition booth with a play area. More […]