Truth Behind the News

Truth Behind the News: Bitcoin’s Supposed 51% Attack

On the 26th of June Crypto Briefing, Bitcoininst, CryptoVest, Smartereum, LiveBitcoinNews and CryptoCoinNews all copy trading binary options reported on the Bitmain-owned pools Antpool & reaching close to 51% of Bitcoin’s total hashpower together. What they failed to consider is the fact that the company does not own the majority of the miners participating in the pools, but rather just […]

Fully Backed By Dollars

Report Says Tether Is Fully Backed By Dollars In Reserves, Questions Still Linger

Tether has released a report that proves that its claim that every USDT token is backed by a dollar in reserves is binary options platform genuine. In its transparency report, the company revealed that an audit had been carried out by a renowned Washington-based law firm and that it had proven that the company had […]

Bitcoin Fans in Kiev Set

Bitcoin Fans in Kiev Set to Create Statue of Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is set to receive a “digital statue” in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. The creator of the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin will replace what used to be a statue of Vladimir Lenin. During the Ukraine civil unrest in 2013/14, Lenin’s statue was toppled and has remained this way since, but this is soon […]

Blockchain International Show

Blockchain International Show: what did experts of the blockchain conference in London discuss?

On June 6 and 7, leading global blockchain specialists arrived in the capital of the United Kingdom to discuss trends of the crypto world and share the best practices. The reason was Blockchain International Show, the international event dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICO. Guests of Blockchain International Show were entrepreneurs, investors, developers, lawyers, executives […]

Bitcoin Not Applicable On National Level

Bitcoin Not Applicable On National Level – Would Halt The Internet: New Report Says

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not applicable on a national level. To process the same number of digital transactions currently handled by the national retail systems, the distributed ledger would swell beyond the capacity of servers. With millions of users exchanging hundreds of millions of files, the sheer volume would bring the internet to a […] help you to make bitcoin transaction anonymous and fast with small fee

The user-interface is extremely simple and clean, anyone who has never before used any such service too can navigate around and tumble Bitcoins easily. No registration is required to mix Bitcoins on Its “delay” feature lets you set delays from 1-24 hours which increases your anonymity by providing a gap between the deposited coins […]