The Lead on Crypto Adoption

Coinvest Announces Premium Hardware Wallet with Innovative Design and Architecture to Securely Store Cryptonized Assets

The Coinvest hardware wallet complements the Coinvest decentralized investment trading platform and offers a single integrated solution to securely invest and store cryptonized assets. DALLAS, TX – Coinvest, an emerging blockchain startup comprised of Microsoft alumni, is announcing the details of their hardware wallet that offers consumers a secure end-to-end solution to complement the Coinvest […]

Regulate Cryptocurrencies

EU Ready to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

The European Union is prepared to regulate cryptocurrencies if the sector continues to remain inherently volatile and present substantial risks to new investors. If these risks are not tackled at the global level, the EU is ready to step in according to the Union’s financial services commissioner. Global Investment Craze Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and […]


Cryptex markets

Cryptex markets is an options based crypto exchange providing a social trading functionality to institutional and retail level investors. The platform is based on an end to end encrypted highly secure trading portal with access to Crypto, Forex, Stock, Index and Commodity options. The next step for Cryptex is the issue of the token that […]

DMFX Financials Launches

DMFX Financials Launches a “Mini Conference” in London

DMFX Financials is specialized in the organizing of financial events with the main topics of Trading, Cryptocurrencies, ICO’s and the Blockchain technology. The participants are mostly people who would like to invest in these new currencies, without necessarily having a great knowledge of the subject. The “Mini-Conferences” are hosted purposely to have up to 300 […]

monitoring Bitcoin Users

The NSA has been monitoring Bitcoin Users

The U.S National Security Agency has been secretly spying on the Bitcoin blockchain for over five years now. This is according to classified documents that were released by the infamous U.S whistleblower, Edward Snowden. While at first, the surveillance involved monitoring the decentralized ledger for any criminal elements, the NSA later started gathering information about […]