US Department of Justice

US Department of Justice To Investigate Price Manipulation

The United States Department of Justice has opened an investigation into potential illegal activity in crypto trading platform. Working with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the investigation seeks to determine if illegal tactics are being used to manipulate prices on exchanges. Crypto trading has grown substantially in recent months, and unlike traditional commodities markets, […]

Malta Blockchain Summit

Malta Blockchain Summit bringing ‘Founding Father’ of Blockchain to Blockchain Island

Malta has recently gained a reputation as the ‘Blockchain Island’, as the major cryptocurrency exchanges are inbound for relocation. The Malta Blockchain Summit has now raised the bar by inviting one of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of blockchain, W. Scott Stornetta Ph.D., to the November show, expected to become one of the largest blockchain and DLT […]

Iran and Russia Discuss Transacting

Iran and Russia Discuss Transacting in Crypto to Avoid International Sanctions

After the incident of the recent international sanction placed on Iran and Russia, the financial systems of these governments have been at the verge of collapsing, and cryptocurrency seems to be the only hope for the economic rejuvenation of the two countries. The Iranian Commissioner for Economic Affairs –Mohammed Reza Pourebrahimi -has urged the central […]

Blockchain Arms

The Blockchain Arms Race Gathers Momentum

Over the years, technology giants have striven to take advantage of the newest and most advanced technologies to stay ahead of competition and to gain a competitive advantage over their peers. Google has invested fully in the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI) with over 14 acquisitions, Amazon is leading the research and development of […]

Future of Bitcoin

The Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain

As many readers probably already know, we have recently started populating our TradingView page. One thing that really stands out on TradingView currently is the amount of analysis done on Crypto-currencies and Bitcoin in particular. We have already given our thoughts on Bitcoin here. In today’s piece, you will understand why cryptocurrencies have a tough […]