Blockchain leadership

Blockchain leadership summit

23-24 November 2018 the main blockchain industry event –  Blockchain Leadership Summit (#BLS2018) – will take place in Basel, Switzerland. TOP experts, proactive investors and recognized visionaries will discuss global effect, financial regulation of blockchain integration, real cases of the next industrial revolution; they will talk about centralized liquidity domination, DEX development, lemmings on the […]

Ethereum Sharding

Ethereum Sharding & Casper

On the 8th of May, a planned improvement to the Ethereum network is being released by the developers. This upgrade is a new and improved version of Casper, the Hybrid Friendly Finality Gadget. This update intends to move the network away from mining-related issues as was becoming increasingly frequent with the old implementation. These issues […]

Overview of Blockchain

First approval certification for money and cryptocurrency transactions in Laos

Vientiane Exchange Money will become the first international currency exchange provider that has been certified to allow cryptocurrency transactions. This is considered a momentous occasion and the importance of how new technology will play a role in peoples’ lives, offering new experiences and opportunities in future transactions. Additionally Vientiane Exchange Money will be launching a […]

Blockchain Security

The Blockchain Security Debate

Recently, a massive wave of articles has been discussing the question whether Bitcoin was using too much electricity to be sustainable. Since Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work does use a great amount of power, questions arise if it is still the best and safest solution to secure a blockchain network? This article searches for the answer from a security-based viewpoint. Crypto-security […]

Blockchain Asset Service

Fujitsu Launches “Blockchain Asset Service”

Fujitsu Direct Store has introduced the “Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution Blockchain Asset Service” on June 6th, 2018. The newly introduced system tokenizes coupons and loyalty points and makes them storable and usable by transferring the information onto a blockchain. This implementation should provide faster data transfer and storage on customer’s transactions in a decentralized register. The company is a […]

Swiss Bank Offers

Swiss Bank Offers Cryptocurrency Business Accounts

In a story published on June 6th, reported that Hypothekarbank Lenzburg is the first bank to formally open up towards cryptocurrency projects in Switzerland. They will offer business accounts for local blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Being a smaller bank does not stop this technology-based banker to take charge and lead the market. In the words of Marianne Wildi, […]

Wallet Development

Wallet Development At the Forefront of Cryptocurrency Innovation

Wallet development is one of the most significant aspects of the cryptocurrency revolution, yet it remains largely on the sidelines in terms of the larger discussion on mass adoption. All agree that cryptocurrencies cannot fully go mainstream without simple, user-friendly methods for usage and storage. Likewise, as blockchains and digital assets become more advanced, wallets […]

properly KYC Users

Majority of EU and US Exchanges and Wallets Fail to properly KYC Users

Research shows that 65% of major exchanges and wallets have ignored KYC processes. Conducted by P.A.ID strategies, an analyst and consultant company that aids in the business development and project delivery. Commissioned by Mitek, a provider of digital identity solutions. Together they have revealed that leading crypto exchanges and wallet providers across Europe and in […]

Bitfinex Exchange Offline

Bitfinex Exchange Offline After DDoS Attack

Cyber attacks and website downtimes are very regular events for cryptocurrency related service. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex, suffered a cyber attack on Tuesday morning, 5th June. Bitfinex used Twitter to provide updates for their users. The first tweet read as following: Trading and funding is currently paused whilst we undergo unplanned maintenance. All […]