Zilliqa – A Next Generation, High-Throughput Blockchain

The world of cryptocurrencies is diverse, to say the least. There are blockchains cropping up for all sorts of use-cases, ranging from payment platforms and digital identity systems, to ambitious offerings such as decentralized operating systems, file storage, and voting systems. Out of all blockchain aspects, platform-based cryptocurrencies tend to be met with the most […]

Game Protocol Partners

Game Protocol Partners With Bancor Protocol

A new joint venture in August is promising to revolutionize the gaming tokens landscape. Tel Aviv – A new deal has reached between Game Protocol, a gaming ecosystem built on the blockchain, and Bancor, the world’s largest decentralized solution for token conversions. Game Protocol offers a crowdfunding platform where game developers issue in-game cryptocurrency tokens. […]

Dutch Land Registry

Dutch Land Registry Implements Blockchains and AI in National Property Market

On May 31st, The Netherlands’ Land Registry (Kadaster) gave a huge thumbs up for blockchains, as reported by the Dutch tech news portal “Computable”. The Kadaster is going on board with the implementation of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the national real estate market. The Netherlands has a 200-year tradition of being up-to-date with […]

Blockchains in Charity

Blockchains in Charity – An Improvement?

Over the years, decentralized systems have been used several times for charity funding. A large number of charities and fundraising foundations have started to implement blockchain technology for their donations. Usually, those are the two main networks of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The charities belong to various and significantly different sectors of society. […]

Chinese BTC mining

Chinese BTC mining companies want to do IPOs

Two of the largest bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers in China are looking to test the interest of international investors in cryptocurrency by aiming to raise up to $1 billion each in what is expected to be the large bitcoin-focused floats thus far. Zhejiang Ebang Communication began discussion with advisers in preparation for a Hong Kong Float. We know […]

Cryptocurrencies is Growing

Institutional Interest in Cryptocurrencies is Growing

Until the end of 2017, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets mostly consisted of private investors with a relatively small number of companies who understood and foresaw their potential. However, after VC Mangrove Capital published their report “Tokenisation: Implications for the venture capital industry“, explaining that an investment in every ICO ever launched, even the failed ones, would have […]