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Weekly Game Plan 13 Aug 18

Themes for the week ahead: The coming week looks likely to be another eventful one, with the Turkey crisis dominating. The Eu is exposed to Turkish banks and the ECB is worried about non-hedged exposure to Turkish binary options affilaite companies and if Turkish banks fail, there will be a contagion effect. The only solution […]


Weekly Game Plan 6 Aug 18

GBP might be taken to the shed again this week after British trade minister Liam Fox said “intransigence” from the European Union was pushing Britain towards a no-deal Brexit, in an interview published on Saturday by the Sunday Times. The No-Deal Brexit seems to be a real possibility, which would throw more uncertainty into the […]

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The Retail Trader that Beat the Odds and Reached Consistency

Today’s blog post will be a little different than usual. You know that the FXRenew Pathway is about leading by example, and guiding retail traders on their way to consistency. Today it won’t be Sam or myself illustrating anything. Today we are passing the baton to Austin, who has beaten the odds and reached consistency […]

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Weekly Game Plan 2 Jul 18

Back on deck after a brief break from the markets. Welcome to H2 2018! This week starts with Canada Day and then we get US Independence Day on Wednesday. Themes for the week ahead:  China will remain a big focal point this week. Over the weekend, PMI data disappointed, most likely suffering from tighter credit […]