Monthly Macro Risk Monitor

Monthly Macro Risk Monitor – 9 Jun 18

 My greatest discovery was that a man must study underlying conditions, to size them so as to be able to anticipate probabilities. – Jesse Livermore In this recurring monthly analysis, we will look at three global risk factors in order to assess the current market state and attempt to foresee risks on the horizon.  The factors that […]

properly KYC Users

Majority of EU and US Exchanges and Wallets Fail to properly KYC Users

Research shows that 65% of major exchanges and wallets have ignored KYC processes. Conducted by P.A.ID strategies, an analyst and consultant company that aids in the business development and project delivery. Commissioned by Mitek, a provider of digital identity solutions. Together they have revealed that leading crypto exchanges and wallet providers across Europe and in […]

Your Trading System

How To Measure Your Trading System Quality

Your trading system needs to have a positive expectancy, but it is the SQN that determines your potential effectiveness and efficiency in applying position sizing strategies to meet your specific objectives. – Van Tharp If a trading system makes money over time, that’s all that counts right? And amongst the trading systems that make money, […]