Comment on How to Troubleshoot the WordPress White Screen of Death (WSoD) by Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan

1st February 2019 Off By binary
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Nice article. Now-a-days, when my ‘blog is broken, it is usually a consequence of my having done something unfortunate with my theme (which is my own extensive reworking of what was once the WordPress default theme).

But, at my previous host, when my ‘blog was broken, it was usually because their apes had modified a security module in some foolish manner. I once spent hours debugging the problem, with the aforementioned apes insisting that they’d done nothing wrong, only to learn that using some phrase such as “security hacks” in a ‘blog entry had triggered the security module to block the site. (Perversely, the entry itself mentioned that a number of sites on the server that I used had been cracked as a result of the poor security of the host.)

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