cryptocurrency bitcoin was invented by the mafia or Satoshi Nakamoto?

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cryptocurrency bitcoin was invented by the mafia or Satoshi Nakamoto?

The secret creators of the cryptocurrency are launching the third monetary revolution.

In the first part of the investigation, Vladimir Ovchinsky, doctor of law, ex-head of the Russian Bureau of Interpol, said that the official creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, really does not exist. Under this pseudonym lies the team of very knowledgeable people who accumulated in the legendary cryptocurrency the latest computer achievements and the most steep developments from three independent sciences: cryptography, political economy, financial and accounting. A single genius is beyond the power to arrange a victorious march of Bitcoin on the planet.

Dons from the Silicon Valley

– What is this team, Vladimir Semenovich?

– There is every reason to believe that the Bitcoin payment system was created by a cohesive group that has a level of entrepreneurial impudence, a healthy business cynicism, rich investment experience, big money, wide connections in various circles and, finally, powerful power support . The group should be an example of internal cohesion, self-discipline, the ability to quickly and successfully move from one business role to another. It is possible that some of the members of the team are public figures, well known to all of us.

– Who are you hinting at?

– By its mentality, the type of organizational interaction, the nature of ties and other qualities, this group, I will say cautiously, is close enough to the landmark “PayPal” for America.

– Mafia ?!

– It’s just like a joke in the West called informal association of former founders and employees of the world’s largest and most expensive electronic payment system PayPal, the precursor of bitcoin, which I spoke about in the first part of our conversation. Profitable to sell it 15 years ago, the guys created seven new “unicorn companies”. So the name of firms worth more than a billion dollars. These are TeslaMotors, LinkedIn, Palantir, SpaceX, Yelp, YouTube, Yammer. Apart from PayPal itself.

– All firms are on hearing!

– In addition, the guys have invested heavily in Facebook, a number of other giants in the Silicon Valley.

The expression “PayPal mafia” is known for about ten years. After this term was issued in the title of the article, Fortune magazine.

“Don” of this mafia is called multibillionaire Peter Till, the famous investor of Silicon Valley. His consileiri (chief adviser Boss) – programmer Max Levchin, Kiev emigrant. In total, the clan, according to Thiel himself, includes 220 people, including Elona Mask. Three billionaires, dozens of millionaires …

Returning to the topic. Speaking at a summit for young entrepreneurs, Till said: “Back in 1999, I predicted the end of the state monopoly on money and the emergence of a crypto currency that would change the world. Bitcoin is the first, but not the last, digital currency that has this potential. ”

Another question, Till simply predicted, or put his hand to the appearance of bitcoins.

Stop, Vladimir Semyonovich!” It was Peter Thiel who singled out the first hundred thousand dollars in July 2014 to the computer genius Vitalik Buterin who left the university. Exactly one year later Vitalik launched the Ethereum system. Now its etherium is the second most popular currency after Bitcoin.

– Here you see! As for the links of this “mafia”, it’s enough to look at her Boss. Peter Til is a permanent member of the Bilderberg Club of the world’s political, financial and business elite, the creator of the billionaire Palantir company, the favorite child of the NSA and other US special services. Strong of this world and the siloviki in one bottle! Enough ties with Elon Mask and other members of the “mafia”.

I can not say anything, I do not have any documents. But, I believe, the initiative team, typologically similar to the “PayPal mafia,” took over the development of a crypto currency “capable of changing the world”: drafting a technical assignment, writing basic algorithms, selecting the first team of programmers, whose members are now largely represented in the ” Bitcoin Foundation. Then the project at the right time was sent to free navigation to conquer the world, using the avalanche principle of Linux or Opensource. But the secret creators of Bitcoin left behind him impulse control, which provides for a purposeful influence on the transition of the Bitcoin system from one stage to another. Having disguised this crypto currency under the brainchild of a certain encrypted single “Satoshi Nakamoto”, which allegedly accidentally acquired wide popularity. But there can not be accidents in our global world!

The Third Money Revolution

“The main question, Comrade General!” Why should the “mafia PayPal”, or a group close to her, change the world with the help of crypto currency?

– Firstly, the world is changing so rapidly before our eyes. Cryptocurrencies are a sign of deep processes of development of technologies, elite structures, politics and the economy as a whole.

Payment electronic systems and virtual currency have become a reality. With some advance, we can say that they are a kind of third monetary revolution.

– Even so?

– The first was associated with the appearance of gold and silver coins as a universal means of payment, having its own value, convenient for calculations, easy to store and transport. These metal money were based on the interaction of people and their mutual trust.

Then came the paper money revolution, where the trust was replaced by the hierarchy of the issuer’s power, its ability to force the use of money.

– Yeah, let someone try to go against the Fed, which prints the dollar! The entire military power of the States will collapse on the stropsy! Gaddafi tried to create a gold dinar, soon died.

– In a sense, electronic currencies with their distributed network of trust are a return to the original money, based precisely on trust.

– Only virtual coins can not be felt by hands, unlike gold coins.

– This is a new reality.

Many financial analysts predict the next stage of the global economic crisis, which will be much more serious than in 2008-2009. It was then, I remind you, Bitcoin’s phenomenon happened to the world.

Virtual currencies are beneficial to a number of global and local financial and economic groups for building a new macroeconomics and a model of the world financial system.

– Prepare in advance?

– Of course.

“Quanta” – speculators

– They say bitcoin – digging under the dollar, the printing press of the Fed.

– Ideas such really hover. But bankers are practical people. They come from numbers, not ephemeral ideas. From these positions, bitcoin, etherium and other digital currencies in the near future are unlikely to compete with the dollar, or the currencies of other powerful states, the same yuan.

However, the cryptocurrency is important for the balance of forces within the global financial elite. Over the past 20 years, a powerful group was formed there, which writers and journalists called “Quanta.” These are investment and hedge funds, mainly in the US, UK, Germany and Singapore, led by mathematicians and programmers. They make money not on issues, loans, but on financial speculation, the exchange game. Their success depends critically on the computational power and quality of mathematical algorithms. This powerful group is devoted to S.Patterson’s book Quanta. As wizards from mathematics earned billions and almost did not bring down the stock market. ”

Some of these structures owe their appearance to people from power and the military-intelligence community. A striking example – the famous Blackstone Group Steve Schwartz.

“Some conspiracy experts even call her the secret hostess of the planet.”

– This is an obvious exaggeration. Do not demonize Blackstone.

“Quanta” is just interested in digital currencies. This is a new tool for speculation. At the same time bitcoin strengthens their positions with respect to traditional bankers who do not understand and do not know the specifics of high information technology and complex cryptography systems.

– And if you look more broadly at the alignment of forces in the world elite?

– Definitely against digital currencies corporatocracy. Representatives of transnational production and trading companies, corporations in the sphere of traditional economy. Once they were already burned, oversleeping the Internet revolution, the emergence of new trading giants such as Amazone, eBay, etc. Taught by bitter experience, now they are trying to prevent the creation of new payment systems with zero, or close to zero costs. Therefore, the main lobbyists of measures at the governmental level against digital currencies often are not even central banks, but corporatrats, especially from transnational trade networks.

– And who is the bitcoin, except for the new “quanta” of speculators?

– Part of the world elite, associated with high technology. It is striking to see the number of former top managers, developers, key programmers from the Internet giants, including Google, Facebook, Amazon and others who invest their own funds, or directly participate in companies associated with bitcoin and other digital currencies. About the “mafia PayPal” generally silent. Her ears are clearly sticking out.

– What do the high-tech elite give?

– This elite gets its own, understandable and adequate for itself a system of payments, currency units and ways of processing them. Modern information technologies are based primarily on the Big Data and cognitive calculations. Bitcoin type systems with their property to store all the transactions made allow real-time work with the Big Data, perform cognitive calculations and, on this basis, implement more flexible, efficient algorithms of emission and regulation. Computational method of emission regulation cuts off from it traditional financiers, corporatocracy. And it allows using cryptocurrencies as an internal payment system of the new economy.

– With the elite of Silicon Valley, other Internet figures are clear. They are in these crypts – like a fish in the water. But, Comrade General, you hinted that gentlemen from influential law enforcement agencies had attached their hand to the creation of the bitcoin. What benefit is there for them?

– Straight. The presence of powerful and developed systems of digital currencies gives the siloviki an effective tool for negotiations with other elite groups and governments, as well as supranational structures. The subject of negotiations is the mode of coexistence of electronic currencies with existing traditional monetary systems. And also legislative norms of regulation of digital currencies, payment systems and their taxation. In addition, cryptocurrencies allow the siloviki to exercise much tighter control over financial flows, and most importantly, their use than the modern monetary system. However paradoxical it may sound. I will not go into details.

This is an undoubted resource of the siloviki in the inter-elite struggle.

In short, Bitcoin, other acting cryptocurrencies, as well as the subsequent generation of digital payment systems and virtual money, exacerbate the contradictions between the various groups of the supranational world elite.

– Which is not reduced to the notorious battle between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

-Meally, everything is much more complicated there. The outcome of the struggle depends to a large extent on the overall situation in the world economy, finances, as well as the pace of the unfolding of the third production revolution. And cryptocurrencies will gradually take an increasingly prominent position in the world financial system.

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