Dash and BlockCypher launched a grant program for block-startups

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Dash and BlockCypher launched a grant program for block-startups

The Dash developers, together with the leading provider of web services in BlockCypher’s blockbuster ecosystem, are launching a grant program for start-ups and already established companies developing blockbuster solutions for industrial enterprises and new markets. This is reported by EconoTimes.

The grants will be allocated to block projects that will have a viable business model and an exit plan, and will also be able to offer innovative options for using the Dash network in conjunction with the BlockCypher blockbuster infrastructure.

According to the official statement of the company, the financing will be allocated to companies developing technological solutions in the categories: healthcare, KYC, payments, Internet of things, insurance, supply chains, communication, identification of personal data. At the same time, the amount of funding will depend on the size and potential of each particular project.

“Dash Core Group has a rich experience in supporting companies involved in integrating the Dash network, but only now we are doing this on an official and mutually beneficial level. Our partner BlockCypher helps us to attract new businesses for the implementation of our network, “said Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor.

As the head of the organizational development of BlockCypher Karen Su noted, the grant program aims to help in the development of block projects in the regions where this technology is not yet sufficiently developed.

“The program unites block-oriented companies and encourages other enterprises to introduce block production into their production. It also uniquely structures the stages of development on the road to commercialization, “said Karen Su.

Among existing companies, participation in the grant program Dash and BlockCypher can take web services and hosting providers, consulting companies, firms involved in project testing and support for integration of blocking technology, which will demonstrate new ways to use the distributed registry.

It is already known that the Patientory Foundation company will participate in the program, using a block system for safe and efficient recording of patient data. The company’s technology connects the Dash block system with its own public blockbuster using the BlockCypher APIs.

“The use of BlockCypher web services will allow us to become the first blocking organization in the healthcare system that will demonstrate compatibility between the networks of the blockbuster. This is a major step forward on the way to using blockage to process patient payments through the Dash network, “said Patientory CEO Criss MacFarlane.

It is expected that the corporate solution Patientory will be launched before the end of 2017.

“Our grant program encourages enterprises to implement the block system as a whole and the Dash network in particular, since Dash has an extremely high scalability potential. The projects that we finance will accelerate this process and help to identify the advantages of working with Dash in comparison with other public blockboys, “added Ryan Taylor.

Recall, in July 2016 BlockCypher announced the expansion of the functionality and added the ability to create applications using the protocol Ethereum.

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