On the eve of Metropolis: the developers of Ethereum called the date of launch of the test network

The Ethereum team named the launch date for the test network Byzantium, which will be an important stage for the upcoming upgrade of Metropolis. This is written by CoinDesk.

As the newspaper reports, the test network will be launched on September 18. At the same time Byzantium will be the first stage of implementation of the new version of the Metropolis software. After some time, one more upgrade will be made, which will be called Constantinople.

Also according to the developers of Ethereum, the hardcore and the release of Metropolis are scheduled for early October. In this case, the exact date of the update will largely depend on the duration of the test period and on the problems that will occur during its implementation.

Recall, earlier the Ethereum project team planned to host the hard-rock and release Metropolis for September, but later slightly delayed the timing.

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