FBI Asking Canadians for Information about their Quadriga Accounts

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FBI Asking Canadians for Information about their Quadriga Accounts
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Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

You know the sudden collapse of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX was shady when the FBI are IRS are getting involved.

For those of you who have been out of the loop, Quadriga closed it’s doors earlier this year after the apparent overseas death of CEO Gerald Cotten and the ensuing opera.

After it was slowly revealed that he was the sole person who had access to the hundreds of millions invested through the platform, the company closed it’s doors and left over a hundred thousand users locked out of their funds.

Some of the wallets have been recovered, only to be found mysteriously empty, causing many to wonder what happened to the missing coins and whether the platform was even holding onto the funds in the first place.

Of the missing millions, Ernst & Young, the firm handling the bankruptcy, has apparently recovered $28 million in (mostly) cash.

Throughout the process, the rest of the company founders have been largely uncooperative and obtuse with releasing information. It’s also been shown that their accounting has been sub-par at best, with Cotten himself intermixing his personal, corporate and investor accounts.

Now, in the latest twist, the FBI is taking an interest in the exchange’s collapse.

According to a recent release, they’re currently looking for Canadian investors to come forward and submit information about their accounts on the defunct platform.

If you were one of our fellow investors on the platform, you can reach out by completing a victim’s form and providing as much information as possible.

Some of the questions included pertain to account balance, date of last transaction, transaction identification numbers, among other details.

Naturally, it’s entirely voluntary to share information with a foreign investigative agency (for fellow Canadians). As some of the information contains sensitive financial and personal details, many investors may be hesitant to share as well.

Regardless, that the FBI is getting involved in the collapse points to the possibility that Quadriga (as many in the community have suggested) was involved in a massive swindle. If not purposeful, then certainly due to negligence.

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