Forex trading

What is Forex trading?

“Foreign exchange” definition is “Forex” for short. Trading itself implicates buying, selling, or just holding money. And Forex trading means different currencies exchange. This is a low risk trading type (when it’s sold one might have a minimum loss percentage), that is why this trading type is labled as a liquid asset. There is a great many of Forex traders. Banks, firms, governments, individual investors and dozens of other finantial institutions are involved into Forex trading. Moreover, the possibility of having an electronic accounts as well as studying Forex trading at platforms have undoubteldy influenced on the constantly increasing number of traders.

Forex is a tradig type spreaded all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Japan and many more. On the other hand, London is a major player here and it’s market’s price is initially used at trading (the price for asset’s selling or buying). This is a so-called “quoted price” which is used at Forex trading world. One of the remarkable participantsof Forex trading is central bank. Central bank is responsible for indicating such crucial Forex criteria as interest rating, inflation, trades monitoring. Last but not least, money supply. Forex traders retailing is also one of the basic components here.

Forex trading

The most traded currencies here are USD followed by Euro and Yen. It’s also important to remember that Singapore and Hong Kong are one of the leading Forex trading centres as well. Forex trading is a way to make profit for those who are interested in current political and economical state and who are able to realize how these issues might affect currencies. One of the surprising facts is that not just the actual money flow,but also the potential fiscal flow influences on the exchange rates. That is why one’s career at Forex trading implicates the mixture of psychology, politics, economics and politics understanding. Being a Forex trader is being in the know of the events happening not just at one place, but all over the world. Predicting the state of a currency at Forex trading is a multiple-stage process, that is why the role of the decision makers is really high here.

Thusly, decision making at Forex trading is not just a commonplace activity. There are some well known techniques which include visual graphs and charts which are available at most of the Forex trading platforms.

Candlestick charts are the graphic description of the decisions related to Forex trades. It simply shows the way currency’s price has been moving. It was invented in Japan and consists of a bar and a line chart. This chart is the most popular one and every trader can see it at a Forex trading platform. Indicating the rates at Forex trading depends on the type of exchange system. In case it is a floating exchange rate zone (the currencies vary depending on the Forex trades and market’s price), there are a few formulas for indicating the rates.

Here are a few countries with floating exchange rates: Canada, US, Australia, Brazil etc. Some of the formulas are used for finding out the rates including interest rate parity, this means the concept gives us the index between exchange rates and interest rate. Relative purchasing power parity shows the relationship between the inflation rates and exchange rates between two countries.

International Fisher effect determines the desired trend of exchange rates between two countries. Domestic Fisher effect indicates the fiscal measures without determining the nominal interests rating. Still, the conceptshereabove indicated are described for stable and “ideal” conditions which are rarely witnessed at any type of economy. To sum it up, Forex trading has involved all traders types: from individaul investors to speculators and even writers. This happened for the reason that today a great majority of infomation is at a trader’s disposal: books, articles, online
webinars and so on.

FX trading.

FX trading, or just forex trading means putting the trades of one currency for another one. It’s obvious that FX trading is the most influential, widespread and captivating trading type in the world.Forex trading is available from 9 p.m. GMT Sunday till 10 p.m. GMT Friday between all of the finantial institutions as well as traders types. This is quite a consequent fact that the trading volume is pretty impressive. Daily 3 Trillion USD is traded worldwide. This is the largest finantial transaction ever.

The History of Forex Trading.

The initial form of FX trading was invented in 1944. Accordng to the Brenton Woods Agreement this was the way to keep cash from draining out in postwar Europe. Currency flows were held to only 1 percent against the US dollar, which was limited to the price of gold at 35 US dollars per ounce. 1971 had brought the modern FX trading as an after-affect of the Breton Woods Agreement fall. USD was no longer convertible into gold and market players were pushed to cut the foreigh exchange rates. And this event has led to the market’s volatility and trading prospects. And finally, in 1973 the Smithsonial and European Joint Float collapsed which brought the FX trading to the state we all see today.

How does Forex Trading work?

The system of FX trading is really easy to understand. Everyone knows that a currency has its own rate so it could bepossible to convert it into another currency. 1 Euro can be exchanged into 1,115 USD. So this is a EUR/USD currency exchange pair. Anyone having internet connection has also the access to a Forex trading platform. So one can take part in FX trading.
You should also take into consideration that for starting trading some governing bodies and legal systems such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission usually demand certain list of documents for compliance and requirements on the FX trading processes.

All of the Forex traders (from newbies to the skilled ones) should understand that this will not bring you the fortune in one moment. FX trading, as well as othe trading types, demand patience, time, and trading skills. You need to be dedicating and careful before start investing your money. Since USD is the fundamental currency at Forex trading, it is also called “measurement currency”.
So let’s simulate a case when a trader (individual one, a company, etc.) pours out a sum of USD 1000 and waits for other traders’ responce.

If the EU market’s pretty stable and is not hit by any politician events, the price of this currency will grow and the investor may get back about USD 1300. This is an easy example, but you need to understand that every trader must be well-equipped and informed in order to succeed at this global money market. The best way to go is finding and signing up at a reliable FX trading broker for making your trades secure. You also need to make sure that this broker is regulated and has the authorization by a regulatory governmental body (so you could receive your money back). Remember: you invest safely only in case of choosing a regulated broker!

Forex trading investors make the currency exchanges (or just set up the stock market trading) accordingly to the rates indicated at the moment of trade execution.

Forex Trading Features.

The distinguishing FX trading feature is an immense trading volume which is based on the absence of geografical limitations. Moreover, you may put the trades constantly. In addition, high trading volume is caused by availability of 70+ currencies all over the world to trade with. One more advantage is that FX trading platforms usually come along with some additional services (banking and customer services, managet accounts etc.).

Forex trading Summary.

Forex trading world is a rewarding one, but still, due to market’s volatility, it’s risky as well. Any trader can start it, it looks pretty simple. But before making your initial investment, you need to make sure that you are skilled and informed enough. The professional FX traders’ verdict is so that 85-95% trades are the losing ones. This is because the majority of traders are not enlightened enough at financial and political issues outside the territory of their residence. As usual, profitable dealings are made after some great fluctuation.

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