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Freestyle options

Already, just from the name of the broker, it becomes clear what exactly this company offers. Namely, “all or nothing”. After all binary options at an agreed time provide a fixed amount of income or give you nothing and this is the method that Freestyle-Options top binary options broker gives to you, the straight way. Your cooperation with Freestyle-Options will allow you to know exactly what size of benefits and possible risks there will be before conclusion of your contract, which provides any trader the ability to manage a large number of transactions simply and easily.

Why Trade at Freestyle-Options

Most reviews concerning Freestyle-Options are positive and come from a strong cross section of professional traders as well as from trading beginners.

The Wall Street Journal described the Freestyle-Options site as an innovative product that allows people to trade against the price of gold, oil or shares. In point of fact, the Freestyle-Options platform has a wide range of sizes for individual transactions that can be made: from between a $1 minimum and a $6,000 maximum.

There is also a wide range of tools that can be sold with shares being among them. The choice that is given to the client covers around 40 different types of stocks, including top end companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Coca-Cola. Traders are offered a choice from about 20 different indexes. A certain number of individual products are also available for trading, including coffee, gold, oil, corn and wheat. In addition, dozens of currency pairs are also available, including the USD / JPY and EUR / USD combinations. So the question really is: what kind of advantages, offered by the Freestyle-Options Trading platform, will you be able to most appreciate when trading?

Well, primarily the long and short answer is that they are considered one of the most reliable brokers around that come complete with a large number of licenses. Secondary to this you will find a highly detailed training system, the ability to connect to the duplication system for successful transactions and some rather strong analytics.

Freestyle-Options Potential Returns

One of the strongest features of Freestyle Options is a compilation of several types of contracts under which customers can earn a potential income:

Binary Options. Using this system a trader simply needs to determine whether the price will be above or below the current level at the time of expiration.

Couples. This type of contract offers the trader a determination over two underlying assets and whether they will be trading positively at the time of expiration.

Long term. Is the same as the classic binary option with an expiration term of up to one year.

Sixty seconds. A classic binary option with an expiration term of 60 seconds.

Freestyle options Trading Platforms and Features

In this increasingly mobile modern world traders often seek to find an application that can be used on the go as good trading options are rarely available when a person is. With this in mind, Freestyle Options offers a mobile trading application that can be used with multiple devices, across smart phones and tablet ranges, with access to the Internet. This allows users to trade binary options almost everywhere and anywhere.

If you just try your hand as a trader, using the Freestyle-Options demo. You will soon appreciate the opportunities open to you from freeform access. Under the conditions of the demo customers can get up to $50,000 for “practical practice” trading before investing any of their own funds in the market.

Freestyle-Options Banking Options

You will be pleasantly surprised by the choice of banking methods. When depositing funds into an account, traders are offered the choice of method that they find most convenient including: bank transfers and credit cards, AlertPay or Skrill (formerly known as MoneyBookers).

If you encounter any difficulties in the process for a withdrawal of funds, do not hesitate to contact their specialists for assistance. Furthermore, like most trading forex and CFD option sites, do not worry if your accrued funds is credited to your account immediately, usually it takes about two days to be checked by agencies and processed.

Also, when you make your first withdrawal, keep in mind that the procedure for checking account information will be used by the company to prevent fraud and falsification. So, it may take a little longer.

Freestyle-Options Bonuses and New Customer Promotions

Freestyle-Options offers interesting bonus programs aimed at stimulating growth in the number of commercial transactions. There are five categories of accounts under which traders may operate: a Silver, Basis, Gold Account and Diamond account. The more money you have deposited, the more benefits you get. The Silver account (from deposits up to $800) is the standard trading account which comes with all the basic and necessary functions.

If you have deposited $2501 or more into your account the amount, you will be upgraded to their Gold account which comes with 100% bonuses and more. With a deposit of $5000 you will get access to the training and teaching center and to the personal VIP-manager system. In general, a transfer of over $2500 into your account is the minimum requirement to receive special bonuses and VIP-status.

Freestyle-Options Payments are in the amount of 79% for profitable options and 15% for losing ones, which in the world of trading is considered a sufficiently generous offer. Freestyle-Options charges a low 2.5% on the balance of the account of the trader, which makes this broker even more attractive.

Broker Freestyle-Options Conclusion

Freestyle-Options has many positive characteristics making it a very inviting platform. The company eagerly encourages its customers and offers special terms providing bonuses from 50% on a first deposit. For further details, be sure to read their terms and conditions before accepting.

If you have already worked on other platforms, you may note the convenience of the Freestyle-Options. Nothing distracts you from the process of trading. There is no superfluous advertising or extra elements; everything looks straight, succinct and stylish.

To further support you there is a rich wealth of materials about trading within their information structure. If you are a beginner, Freestyle-Options offers various kinds of training, both theoretical and practical knowledge. You can find useful articles on the subject of trading in the financial markets and videos that highlight the main aspects of trading. You may also find information about the various strategies and the psychology of trading with Freestyle Options.

Experienced users will appreciate the analytical materials. In this regard the broker is far ahead of other companies offering available daily reviews in easy to access video format. This allows you to keep abreast and to be aware of the latest developments in the markets.

Itay Raz

Wow. He is alive ! You will not believe it when I opened the main page Freestyle Options is just a boost of energy. I immediately wanted to trade and win. The graphics are great. And what kind of music !!! I make a profit of 400 per day and is constantly receiving pleasure from trading on Freestyle Options. Super!

Andrii Horiachko

Freestyle Options is the best broker that I saw

Katerina Chorna

cool. passed at a test drive and I just add money to the account. The best reference system I’ve seen. And today, the money came to my bank account. Amazing. Thank you Freestyle Options team


I never believed to the broker when too many positive reviews. Someone actually made a profit?


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For me, Freestyle-options is the best binary options broker around today. I started from nothing and now I understand everything thanks to the training materials and the demo account. Now I add +30% to my account every month.


Excellent, what a website it is! This web site gives helpful data to us, keep it up.|

Pol Ali Nil

Contributed 0.01 BTC a month ago …
Yesterday withdrew 1.1764 BTC also left in the back 0.1 BTC. I’ve been looking for similar services for a long time, thanks

Henry Millard

Bitcoin is a gold mine now; I earn pretty well though investing in it now, and get 19%. I think of investing a bigger amount now.


I think that with trading, Freestyle options is working.  I will say that you will not be thrown.