FX Renew End of Day Signals Order Sheet 17 June 19

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FX Renew End of Day signals are trades based off our Weekly Trading Opportunities Report. Entry orders are set and trades are managed once a day in the hour after the US market closes, though there may be the odd time the trade needs management intra-day depending on the market. You will receive a more detailed update once a week containing strategy notes or a shorter update during the trading week if anything is required to be done with a live trade. 

Trade Management Updates

In this section we let you know any updates to existing or closed positions.


New Signals

If there are any new trades you need to place you will find them here.

Here is a brief user guide.

  • Put an order to close 25% of your position on each profit target. If any of the targets say “trail” then don’t add a target as we are letting this portion run.
  • Entry orders on Tuesday to Friday are “market orders”. Orders on Monday are “stop” orders
  • You can view current trades in the Signals Matrix


Strategy Notes

Strategy notes outline what we are looking to trade and why. For further analysis of the technical and fundamental picture you can read the weekly report or watch the weekly video (no video this week). 

Brief Summary

Today’s report is abbreviated. Back to normal service next week. 

We have entered into a AUDUSD short which has moved in our favor. I think we are in the trade from a good level and I expect the downtrend to continue. We are earning positive carry on the trade. It should be a nice long-term position. Elsewhere, USDCAD has recovered on the back of positive USD sentiment. The fundamentals remain divergent in favor or CAD and there may be an opportunity for a USDCAD short if there is a strong technical signal. I am watching USDCHF shorts only if stocks sell off in a volatile manner. EURGBP shorts are also on the radar, but only if the technical signal is strong.

A Note on the General Approach

The objective of the signals is to capture long-terms moves in the market. We use big picture technical and fundamental analysis to determine opportunities that have a superior risk/reward opportunity. We then stalk entry points where we can have a relatively tight stop. Once we are in a trade we look to add to the position in the early part of the move. We will take profit when conditions suggest, while holding a core position to our target. The goal is for the winners to be much greater in terms of R-multiple than the losers.


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