Get back 4USD For every lot traded – FXTM

It’s time to swap your broker if you are are not getting the most out for your profitable Trading. FXTM is ready to welcome these affected traders, and they are rewarded with $4 USD Rebate for traded per standard lot.

IF you have any Issues with Broker then swap to FXTM and make your trading experience blast. Switch to a Financial Conduct Authority regulated Broker and ensure the safety of your fund.

Joining Link: Forex rebate offer

Ending Date: December 31, 2017

Offer is Applicable: New client for switching Broker.

How to Apply:

-Make an account & login to My-FXTM
-Opt in for the ‘Switch to FXTM’ promo

Bonus Withdrawal: Fully withdraw-able

Terms & Conditions – FXTM REBATE

Minimum deposit is $ 200

This Rebate Bonus is calculated on Minimum Deposits made by one client in one account within a period of 30 days during the Bonus Period ( Trading Period ).

The Client shall be eligible to receive a 200% bonus on the amount of each Minimum Deposit made in one account, within a period of 30 days during the Bonus Period, up to a maximum of $10,000.