How to Predict the Movements of Financial Markets – Forex Market Analysis – Technical Analysis

27th September 2018 Off By binary

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Currency prices move in trends. The foreign exchange market is mostly composed of trends. Therefore this is a place where technical analysis can be very effective. Studying the graphs you can easily spot trends and see how strong and long they are.

History repeats itself. Over time, certain chart patterns become consistent, predictable and very reliable. The question is seeing them. Chart patterns is your little friends in technical analysis that signal you about the beginning of a new trend and a good money making opportunity.

Research shows that those traders who trade “with the trend”, significantly improve their chances of making profitable trades. Finding a strong trend will help you easily predict the market’s movements and make money. Therefore as a beginner trader, you must look for trends and trade in the same direction as a trend you find.

For example the Euro currency was going down for the last two hours. The most chances are that it will continue going down for the next couple of hours as well. And this is where you join the party to make some easy profits.

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