Huawei vs. Apple: How a technology invention could stir up a whole world political weather

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What are the benefits of 5G?

One may see or perceive it as just the series of moving from 3G to 4G, thereby just seeing it as a sequence but believe it or not 5G is a life changer, the real definition of technology and speed. 5G is so fast that it will reform our world and transform our way of lives. Research by some peers shows that a document file that can take about 10 hours to upload or download on the 2G/3G network will take about an hour using the 4G network but hey 5G does it on just a click.

With the yet to launch 5G network u can’t make excuses to your mum or dad on the telephone over unclear phone call conversations, there will be no place for faking… just imagine you been gone out to party with some friends and your phone rings, picks up and want to fake and drop it pretending its network, those days are far gone

So if its technology and so beneficial why then will America (apple) & China (Huawei) be in a race to who launches the technology first? Why are they at war?

From my findings U.S won the 4G it attracted a nearly 100 billion dollars, this might have rung a bell in your ears now; anyone who wins the race attracts over 500 billion dollars with extra job opportunities. This clearly signifies that both countries are in for the money, and anyone that has money equally has power, so it means killing two birds with a stone.

One will think that it only ends with money & power but it does not end here, there is more to it, anyone with control of the 5G has access to the whole world’s information and that what it is and that’s what America is against thinking Huawei the company in charge will be oppressed by its government China to give out information. But the question is won’t America Government oppressed and seek this same information?

Who wins these war, China or America?

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