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When Mueller concluded his report, many of my commenters seemed to believe Trump’s claim that the report “totally exonerated” him. They claimed I was refusing to accept reality when I suggested that, while the report was clearly good news for Trump, I’d reserve final judgment until the details were made public.

Then when the NYT reported that Mueller officials hinted that report was far more negative than implied by Barr, they said it was “fake news”.

Now the report has been released and its clear that Trump lied and Barr exaggerated. Indeed the report is far worse than even I expected. The report specifically states that it does not exonerate Trump, and lists 11 examples of possible obstruction of justice. You can quibble about a few of these, but there’s more than enough here to justify impeachment. While there is zero chance the Senate would vote to convict, the House should nonetheless impeach Trump.

Even worse, it shows Trump repeatedly asking his subordinates to ignore the rule of law, and then get saved by the decision of his subordinates to ignore his requests.

I was also mocked for my continued belief that Trump colluded with Russia in an attempt to stop Hillary.  In fact, Trump and his supporters lie when they claim the report showed “no collusion“:

In fact, in his report, Mr. Mueller explicitly stated that his conclusions were not about collusion, “which is not a specific offense or theory of liability found in the United States code.”

The Mueller report found numerous examples of Trump people engaging in collusion-like activities with Russia, just as I claimed, although they could not prove that this collusion rose to the level of a crime.  Yes, it is not illegal to encourage other governments to put out dirt on your opponent. But it’s still collusion and it’s still a scandal.

So I’ll take this report as a “total exoneration” of my previous views on Trump.

Of course Trump lied about his Russian connections during the campaign, and now it seems clear that his favorable attitude toward Putin during the campaign was at least party linked to his ongoing attempts to do business deals with Moscow.  At least Warren Harding’s corruption was not treasonous.

And even Trump has come around to my view of the report.  After earlier claiming that the report totally exonerated him, he now says it is full of negative information.  The only difference is that I claim the negative information is true and he says it’s false.

It was also nice to see official confirmation that Sarah Sanders is a liar.  I already knew this, but now she’s admitted it under oath.  She just makes stuff up out of thin air.  And now she’s lying about her lies.

Just as Trump benefited from the fact that many of his advisors refused to carry out his requests to obstruct justice, he also benefited from the reluctance of the Russians to conspire with Trump officials who reached out to them.  It seems Putin’s a lot smarter than Trump.

I suspect the other continuing investigations of Trump will uncover lots more dirt.  If you think of Trump as an individual government worker, with a certain “valued added”, then he’s clearly the worst president in US history.  Obviously that doesn’t mean his administration is the most unsuccessful, indeed it’s not even in the bottom third.  But as an individual actor, he’s the worst.

PS.  Congress would have an easier time getting Trump’s tax returns if the alternative was conviction for obstruction of justice.

PPS.  I suspect that Nixon’s obstruction of justice seems worse to most people because Nixon was far smarter than Trump.

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