The Japanese agency FSA

14th September 2017 Off By binary
The Japanese agency FSA

The Japanese agency FSA will appoint the head of the department of crypto-currency monitoring

According to local reports, the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) is going to appoint a person in charge of monitoring the crypto-currency sector, whose duties will include the management of a team of 30 people, who will regulate the activities of crypto-exchange exchanges.

On September 13, FSA announced that it wants to organize a team of 30 officials to assist in regulating the activity of virtual currency exchanges, and also appoint a head of the department of crypto-currency monitoring. Kyoto University Professor Naoyuki Iwashita, former head of the Center for Fintech Bank of Japan, will hold consultations for regional experts.

In April 2017, the FSA recognized virtual currency as a legally valid form of payment. Yesterday the agency stated:

“We have to be careful, because we are dealing with new technology,” said the official representative of the FSA. “Working with it is different from the usual business registration process.”

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It is not new that Japan has always been ahead of us in many directions, and if in order to be the first country in the world it was indispensable for them to change the leadership of some structures that existed unchanged for more than 25 years, they can do it in one day, for in order to take a new look at the world’s