Lazy Trader App SCAM!!

16th February 2017 Off By Jamey Darien
Lazy Trader App SCAM!!

The Lazy Trader App, also known as the Profit Repeater, is among the newest string auto-trading scams to infect and fester within the confines of the binary options industry. The promotional video includes the usual paid actors, photoshopped bank account images, mansions and of course fancy sport cars. The promise of earning $15,000 per day is quite an alluring offer but a wise man once said that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

That is exactly the case with the Lazy Trader App!

The connection between these binary option investing scams along with other scams that we have linked throughout the past two weeks indicate to us that we have a serious pandemic of viral investment scams on our hands. The online marketplace is already saturated enough with online trading scams which is why we are encouraging you to exercise extreme caution prior to signing up with any system, software or service! If a service, software or broker is not Watchdog Approved then your best bet is to avoid the opportunity unless you enjoy tempting faith.

Rick Daniels, the alleged creator Lazy Trader App of the Profit Repeater, is nothing more than the figment of some scam marketers sick, twisted imagination. He possesses no virtual presence anywhere on any social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram and the only relevant appearance of him anywhere on the net would be from scam reviews much like this one. He claims to have generated over $17,000,000 in 7 months from using his system yet the only documentation he provides us in his pitch video would be a photoshopped bank account image. No transparent record of verified investments from 3rd parties are ever showcased nor will they ever be because the results are just more empty-promises that are not true!

Throughout the duration of the deceptive and insufferable pitch video the paid actor pretending to be the non-existent entity known as Rick Daniels claims that users who get started with their system will generate a profit of $150,000 in their first 10 days. Sound a little too good to be true? Yeah, we thought so too. If that wasn’t enough he goes on to feed us more BS about how his system “only trades when you are guaranteed to win,” (as if we haven’t heard this one before already).

One contradicting aspect that we couldn’t overlook would be how Rick Daniels claims that his software also generates an average success rate of 99.997%. Well if the software only executes investments that you are “guaranteed” to win wouldn’t that reflect a 100% success rate? This contradicting claim made by the forged Rick Daniels debunks and goes against how his software never generates a losing investment.

To further debunk and dismantle this ridiculous investment opportunity the payout returns in the pitch video while Rick Daniels is showing us “how amazing his software works” are nowhere near accurate reflections of what an investor can expect to generate in regards to return rates. On average an investor can expect to receive a return rate ranging from 65 to 85% so if you win a $100 investment you can expect to see a profit of $65 to $85. However, in the pitch video we see their reflected payouts ranging from 378 to 387% by showcasing a $100 investment with a return profit of $387 and another photoshopped payout of $500 with a return payout of $1,893.

Another discrepancy that we found would be how Rick Daniels claims that he made over $17,000,000 in 7 months with the software yet when we looked further into when the website was created we discovered that it was founded on January 30th, 2017. Coincidentally this is also where we found the linkage between this scam in accordance with the Market Filter and 10k Lazy Trader App Every Day scam. The discovery of matching IP Location, Sponsoring Registrar IANA IDs and name servers were evidence enough to conclude the linkage and conclude that these scams are all created and ran by the same group of scam marketers.
Do not only yourself but others a considerable courtesy by sharing and avoiding this moronic binary options trading scam. Every component of this ridiculous scam is fabricated and the linkage discovery allows us to expose that there is a relentless team of con-artists creating several scams that are just as rotten to the core as they are!