LBinary have serious problems

1st August 2016 Off By Jamey Darien
LBinary have serious problems

LBinary broker have serious problems. The site of the broker suddenly stopped working for all customers and without explanation. The company offers its customers the possibility of binary option trading services to several online communities increase anxiety about how the company was handling the client’s money.

Recently LBinary broker became under scrutiny. LBinary has been mentioned in several scandals and got sued by an international law firm Giambrone Law and Healys LLP London. Binary options broker has reportedly asked for substantial contributions from the number of victims.

Along with LBinary broker , a lawsuit against the company mentioned in NRGBinary, whose site also became stopped working. No company is regulated by any of the major financial regulators. According to the cached information on LBinary website, the company has had several owners on the basis of a Gibraltar Chelestra Limited, as well as the UK registered LAS Holdings LTD.

Giambrone Law LLP and Healys represent about 70 customers who claim they lost more than 4.3 million €. Maybe this is an empty statement, but the work priostnovlena companies. Most of the applicants come from the Middle East, with European customers in Germany and Italy, the entry into effect of the class.

According to lawyers, payments processor named Moneynetint Ltd, which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, served as a vehicle for brokerage firms to obtain funds from their depositors. Currently, there is no evidence that Moneynetint deals with the alleged fraud.

According to research conducted by Giambrone Law as LBinary broker NRG Binary and share a similar ownership structure from both defendants by companies registered in the UK.



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Lately there is a lot of different information regarding about LBinary. Who can tell me whether it is now a reliable broker or it is better not to trade on it? Thanks


Once it was a good broker, but lately a lot of customers have started complaining about not paying. The future of LBinary is very unclear, I would recommend using the services of another broker. But my friend recently got a profit conclusion without questions