Market rules: A discussion with Professor Mark H. Rose – AEI – American Enterprise Institute: Freedom, Opportunity, Enterprise

26th March 2019 Off By binary
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The US banking system includes a few giant “financial supermarket” institutions and thousands of small community banks. This unique structure has been shaped by more than a century of political dealmaking.

In his new book, “Market Rules: Bankers, Presidents, and the Origins of the Great Recession” (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018), Mark Rose discusses the politics that have shaped the banking system. From political battles fought to overturn federal Glass-Steagall Depression-era restrictions and state prohibitions against branching to more recent postcrisis fights to repeal Dodd-Frank regulations, Dr. Rose recounts the arguments, politicians, and bankers that shaped the industry over the past half century.

Join AEI for a discussion with Dr. Rose and an expert panel on his new book. A wine and cheese reception will follow.

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If you are unable to attend, we welcome you to watch the event live on this page. Full video will be posted within 24 hours.

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