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In the May issue of AEI’s Political Report, public opinion expert Karlyn Bowman examines Americans’ views on the declared 2020 candidates, analyzes interest in the upcoming election, and also focuses on the importance of age as a factor.

Among the the key findings:

Early interest and enthusiasm:

Recent polls show higher interest in and enthusiasm about the 2020 election at this early stage than in previous presidential election cycles. 52% of registered voters told Fox News pollsters in April they are extremely interested in the election, and 45% told CNN they are extremely enthusiastic about voting, a level of interest typically not seen until closer to Election day.

Surveying the Democratic primary field:

Most Democrats have not made up their minds at this early stage about whom they will support, but a Monmouth University poll found that Former Vice President Joe Biden has a 72% favorability rating amongst Democrats. Additionally, Senator Bernie Sanders has a rating of 65%, and Senator Elizabeth Warren has a rating of 51%.

Surveying Republicans on 2020:

In an April Economist/YouGov survey, nearly 8 in 10 people who said they will vote in a Republican primary or caucus in 2020 said that they are satisfied having Donald Trump be the only GOP candidate, while 21% said they wish there were more choices.

81% of Republican registered voters in an April Quinnipiac survey said they will definitely vote for Trump in the general election if he is the Republican candidate.

A candidate’s age: How much of a factor?

For context, in a 1944 Gallup poll, 54% of respondents believed Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s age made no difference in terms of getting him elected. 34% believed his age would hurt him, and 7% responded that it would help.

In an April Politico/Morning Consult poll, 35% of respondents agree with the statement that Joe Biden is too old to run for president. 46% of respondents disagree with that statement.

In an April Economist/YouGov poll, 40% of respondents agreed with the statement “Being 80 years old or older might make it too difficult to do the work the presidency requires.” 34% agreed with the statement “Age helps candidates to have the experience and wisdom to do a good job as president.”

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