Media reported on the impact of Bitcoin split

5th August 2017 Off By binary
Media reported on the impact of  Bitcoin split

Bitcoin split into two cryptocurrencies. The reason for this was the intervention of the Chinese group of maneuvers.

The breakup led to the appearance of the usual Bitcon and Bitcon Cash, reports Reuters. The miners were dissatisfied with the new protocol of work.

As experts believe, the initiators of the split have no more than 10% of the bitcoin capacity. In this regard, the new currency will not yet be in high demand and investors will not hurry to invest in it.

At the moment, the unit value of Bitcon Cash is $ 146.37, while the price of Bitcoin has fallen to $ 2,729.

Despite the Bitcoin split our analysts will digest the increase in the value of Bitcoin this year, the increase in speculation on sales of Bitcoin is one of the main ways of earning and trading on the crypto currency. At the moment, demand exceeds the offer to buy several times. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with questions about how can i buy bitcoins.