Mega Profix is a SCAM

17th February 2017 Off By Jamey Darien
Mega Profix is a SCAM

Is a new autotrading MegaProfix scam which was not even released yet. Its official launch date is August 26th, 2015, but the Internet is already full of fake reviews claiming that Mega Profix is not a scam. They even set up a Facebook page to promote themselves. On August 4th they wrote on their Facebook page: “WOW we just broke the world record for onling earnings! 1.9 million in a single hour!” What an exaggeration! Do you believe it? We don’t…They also promise that you will be able to reach a 6 figure income in less than one month. Make sure to read this WatchDog review before signing up with MegaProfix scam.

The method, according to the creator of the MegaProfix scam, is “simple and stupid.” We would like to agree with that and to stress the stupidity part. Who would be stupid enough to believe that they can make you billions of dollars automatically with no trading experience? Who would buy that the banks’ money-making strategy will be offered to them on a silver platter, “deciphered, packed and easy?” In the rest of this review, we will try to prove that MegaProfix is a scam.
MegaProfix scam

MegaProfix scam is a “limited time offer.” How limited? On their website there is a backward timer that starts at 14 minutes. You have 14 minutes to sign up or you will lose your chance! Calm down. This is a fake timer. When it reaches 0 it will stay there, but you will still be able to sign up. They will never give up on any client who is ready to be scammed! And if you try to leave their website, even once the timer reaches 0, you will get a message saying: “Don’t miss out our limited time offer. Be a part of our ever growing Mega Profix community!” Not so limited, is it?

Next to the backward counter, they have set up a false “Live feed,” reporting what goes on with their members. First of all, they already show “live feeds” even though the software has not even been released yet, but more seriously, the same “live feeds” keep repeating themselves over and over again. When you enter the website it says: “Matthew J. just started auto-trading.” The next one is “Sara earned $4895.44.” Then, “Matthew K. just joined the trading robot.” “Robert earned $9,22.93” (the mistake is their own.) Etc. Refresh the website and see how it keep repeating itself. We believe that just this is enough proof that MegaProfix is a scam.