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The NeuroTrader Software by Intellix Systems is among the vast mass of recently released binary option auto trading scams to enter within the folds of the binary options industry. To someone inexperienced and not well-rehearsed with the ways of the binary options industry buying into the NeuroTrader software may seem like a legitimate investment opportunity if you were interested in a software that generates a 100% success rate and uses “artificial intelligence.” Unfortunately though everything associated with the NeuroTrader is nothing more than the embodiment of another binary options software that is too good to be true.

Jeff Blumenthal, the alleged CEO and founder of Intellix Systems, is nothing more than an actor paid in full by the scammers operating behind the scenes with this new ludicrous trading scam. According to, Jeff Blumenthal used to be a former Wall Street hedge fund manager (like we haven’t heard that one a hundred times before) but the funny truth of the matter is that he has no presence anywhere on Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media outlet used by most other individuals of his esteemed stature. This is just another tall-tale way of saying he simply does not exist.

Just like with the majority of all of the other scams that we have exposed here, the pitch video was created under the broad consensus that those viewing the video want nothing more than to achieve financial freedom and they are guaranteeing you can achieve that with this system. They incorporate the usual, well-rehearsed theme of photoshopped bank account images, having paid testimonial actors claim they made such and such along with throw in the occasional sports car to entice you further. If that wasn’t enough already they dive-in further by touching upon a more personal level with you claiming that this system will give you the “freedom to really live instead of merely existing and the freedom to watch your kids grow up.”

Furthermore, they implement a common pressure marketing tactic claiming that 35 other people were invited to the page to watch their video but only 5 will be accepted so you need to sign up quickly to ensure your licensed spot. With your sign up you will fulfill their spot as an “Alpha BetaTester” which will give you free access to the software, all you need to do is deposit $250 with one of their so-called recommended brokers. Time and time again have we seen this corrupt marketing tactic among other scams we have previously exposed here such as the Rubix Project, Orion Code and Quantum Code to name a few. We can ensure you that the only outcome that would result if you were to deposit with one of their assigned brokers would be the loss of your hard-earned money.

Another discrepancy that we couldn’t help but notice would be how the NeuroTrader was created and endorsed by a company known as Intellix Systems LTD. However, when we investigated further into this company we could find no history or reference to this company on any business directory that we searched upon. This served as another indication to us that everything about the NeuroTrader software and Intellix Systems LTD is fabricated to deceive newbie day-traders out of their money.

The ability to generate a “guaranteed” profit of $10,000 per day while generating a 100% success rate is the focal point of this ridiculous binary options investing scam. If any of the claims made by the NeuroTrader software were legitimate then this would indeed be the first “Holy Grail” trading software for binary options but that would be the furthest thing from the truth! Claiming that if you get started with their system today you can join their amazing team of investors who have already accrued a profit over $2.4 billion throughout the past 18 months yet the website itself was not even created before that time frame and claiming to generate a perfect success rate of 100% is absolutely ludicrous and completely unrealistic.
After collaboration with many officials of other reputable binary option portals out on the net we have deliberated and concluded that the NeuroTrader software is nothing more than another fabricated trading scam should be eradicated completely from every orifice of the binary options industry.

A couple other discrepancies that we couldn’t ignore would be how once you are inside the members page it bears a remarkable resemblance to the 10k Every Day App that we just exposed here yesterday. The first red flag would be how most of the expirations rates reflected on their “winning trades” portfolio are nowhere near the real-time expiration price values of those assets. The second slip-up occurs when the reported payouts far exceed the actual payouts rewarded on a binary options investment. For example, a $100 PUT investment has a payout of $200 which would equate to a 100% payout confirmed yet those high return rates simply do not occur while other return rates reflect payouts as low as 60% which also does not happen. This is just another example of how everything is fabricated with this scam.

If you took the time to view the NeuroTrader pitch video it will tell you that it is essentially a license to “print” money but we can ensure you the only outcome would be the loss of your cold hard cash along with the exposure of your personal and financial information. Use your wits and trust your gut and avoid binary option trading scams like the NeuroTrader software that offer promises that are simply too good to be true.

Review Verdict: NeuroTrader by IntellixSystems is a scam!

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