PTGTIN: Last Opportunity To Exit A Delisted Stock

15th November 2018 Off By binary
PTGTIN: Last Opportunity To Exit A Delisted Stock
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Petaling Tin Berhad (Short name: PTGTIN & Stock code: 2208) has been taken private and delisted from the exchange on August 16, 2018 (here). I learned about it when a client inquired whether the stock has changed its name.

After further inquiry, I have learned that minority shareholders who are still holding the shares can still accept the offer to sell the shares to the acquirer. Follow the guidelines as outlined in the Notice-Section 223 of CMSA (here). In brief, the steps are:

1) Accept the offer as per Shareholder’s Notice

2) Transfer the shares to the offer

3) Mail back the accepted offer and the transfer receipt to the registrar, BINA MANAGEMENT by November 21, 2018

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