The real reason is to own bitcoin

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The real reason is to own bitcoin

In 1483, when the new printing press with movable letters by Johann Gutenberg spread across Europe, and the sultan of the Ottoman Empire Bayazid II issued a decree, decisively prohibiting the car in the lands belonging to him.

In those days, the Ottoman Empire was the world’s leading superpower, conquering much of the Middle East, North Africa and south-eastern Europe.

But Bayazid was afraid of the new technology.

He and his advisers believed that the printing press would allow information and new ideas to spread with extraordinary ease over the empire. They were convinced that this would jeopardize their power and offend the religious community.

Therefore Bayazid not only banned the printing press, but also appointed the death penalty to anyone who is caught on its use.

The Ottoman Empire was so isolated from new ideas that over the next 3 centuries the only imported and translated Western book was the medical text about the treatment of syphilis.

Needless to say, the Ottoman Empire did not for long remain the world’s leading superpower.

It was during this period that Europe showed significant growth. A few centuries earlier, most of Europe was just a plague of insignificant kingdoms. But by the middle of the XVII century. made a breakthrough, in part due to the rapid spread of knowledge, which contributed to the printing press.

It was the Internet of the Middle Ages
And scientists like Isaac Newton could not “stand on the shoulders of giants” without this breakthrough, revolutionary technology. Western civilization as a whole, by its prosperity, owes much to the printing press, thanks to which it became possible to exchange information and ideas. And this example shows how much the adoption of new technology can affect the development of society.

Today, most Western governments probably still consider themselves supporters of new technologies that encourage innovation.

But this is just a crude fantasy, especially when it comes to one of the most breakthrough technologies of our time: cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a printing press of our time – a truly revolutionary technology in which the ruling elite sees a threat to their power.

This is the reason for such a large number of ridiculous laws and tax rules that demotivate the possession of cryptocurrency – this is too breakthrough technology.

Banks, for eight centuries, since the reign of the Medici in the early Italian Renaissance, enjoyed unprecedented power and influence.

Banks controlled money, which enabled them to control governments, laws and even wars.

For example, during the Napoleonic wars in the early XIX century. The fate of the British military attempts was not in the hands of generals and admirals, but in the hands of the Rothschild family that financed them. At the beginning of the XX century. JP Morgan (JP Morgan) organized a revolution in Panama and appointed a puppet government so that his bank could finance a profitable project for the construction of the canal.

And some ten years ago, the heads of leading Wall Street banks persuaded the US government for trillions of grants, financed by taxpayers.

Banks enjoy such immense influence only because they control money.

But if you think about it, banks are just middlemen who accept money from depositors and give them out to borrowers. Among the bankers, the joke rule “3-6-3” has long been known: pay 3% on deposits, give credits at 6% and at 3 o’clock in the afternoon do not forget to go to golf.

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The Cryptocurrency undermines this absurd intermediary monopoly.

Think about it: when you send money to someone, these funds are sent from your bank to the central bank, then to another bank, and only then, at last, to the beneficiary’s account. Similarly, money was sent 800 years ago …

… and it seems tragically anachronistic, given that we now have applications that allow direct transfer of funds to a mobile phone or e-mail of the recipient.

Who needs mediators today?

Why borrow money from the bank, if so many peer-to-peer and crowd-hosting platforms are available? Why in the exchange of currencies to pay sky-high commission, if there are many sites that exchange money almost for nothing? Banks, as financial intermediaries, are almost as old-fashioned as taxi dispatchers in the Uber age.

Cryptocurrency and block-technology are the last nail, hammered into the coffin lid, allowing instead of the bank to store savings in the cloud.

And if this seems too esoteric, then think about how your savings are already “e-currency”. Banks do not keep in their storehouses boxes with paper cash; Your bank balance is just a record in your bank’s electronic database. But it is 100% controlled by your bank.

The bank can lose your money on some idiotic investments, designate without your consent ridiculous interest on the deposit and even freeze your account (“for your own safety”) or deny you the right to withdraw funds. Banks are very curious. You will always be asked where the significant amount that came to your balance came from. Try to explain to them that this is the result of early investments in some kind of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency decentralizes this system, expands the problem. You become yourself a banker. Mediators are no longer needed. This is the real reason to own a crypto currency.

It’s not about price speculation. Many people buy Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc., to play at a price, but they overlook the main thing. The idea is not to exchange paper money for bitcoins, hoping later to exchange these bitcoins for a large amount of paper money. The same goes for gold and silver. There are less volatile ways to make money and get more profit with controlled risk.

Cryptocurrency makes you independent of the outdated financial system, never missing the opportunity to cheat you.

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