GreenZone Review

GreenZone Options is one of the best websites I have visited in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed writing this review. Most of the information is presented in a logical, easy to read manner and the site backdrop is colorful and creative.

«How to trade» page offers explanations of what binary option trading is all about and a review of the company and its background. There are a lot of useful links such as «Trade in 5 simple steps», Glossary, Special offers and so on.

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Green Zone offers options in 15 major currency pairs as well as commodities, indices and stocks. The minimum deposit for first time depositors is $200, which can be deposited in USD, EUR, GBP.

There are few trading styles offered at Green Zone: Intraday (with time expiration), 30 and 60 seconds, 2/5/15 minutes.

The page with the different types of accounts was clear and well laid out. There are five accounts to choose from including the Follow the Pro and Flagman (managed) accounts. Welcoming Bonuses increase with the different deposits required for each account.

On my opinion, Follow the Pro account is worth detailed description here.

GreenZone Options is the first platform that allows you to follow and replicate trading style of Professional traders.
Once you select a Pro trader you would like to follow, his/her trades will be automatically copied into your trading account and your trading results will mirror the results of the Pro traders. When you invest with Follow the Pro program you are putting your money in the hands of experienced traders with years of successful investment management and solid financial background.

Opening an account is simple and you can complete the application process from the home page in a matter of seconds. The trading procedure is simply laid out and you can place a trade within minutes of transferring in your initial deposit. Deposits can be made via Credit card or Wire Transfer.

There is user-friendly personal account, that lets you see all the results of the client’s trades and if necessary allows you to ask manager for help in analyzing trades and result.

cryptocurrency trading

No demo account was offered.

There are ongoing promotions – Win Audi RS5 in the world’s most exiting trading competition and Refer a friend program.

GreenZone Options’s FAQ is a wealth of data and indeed I found it was quite explanatory and informative. There are also economic news and actual Trends on the home page. So you could analyze the situation on world’s markets.

Follow the pro system allows you to connect to a professional account. All the trades on the account will appear automatically. You just have to watch the result. The success rate is 75-85%.

Cryptocurrency trading

Customer support is available 24/7, I spoke to chat several times and found them forthcoming and pleasant.

Overall, GreenZone Options has done a great job on their website and it was a pleasure to scroll through the pages.

Mike Williams

Luv greenzone for their promos! 🙂 thanks,guys)

Maria Castillo

I like it that this broker has many options, instruments. The variety is great

Sandy Stown

true, the last promo was real good. looking forward to a new promo campaign. I also enjoy the interface, it’s easy to work with, easy to understand and get accustomed. it was a problem for me cuz i used to try many platforms, many brokers and it was sometimes difficult to get what to do. another great advantage-their customer service. thanks greenzone, you are the best, really. Never felt so comfortable


Has anyone completed his restriction period after following the pro on greenzone and has managed to withdraw?


Hi all! I’ve finished follow the pro programm around month ago. My pro trader was Mark. Well as you here I was a bit scared that after contract no money arrive to my account, but after 2 weeks of expectation I received my profit including initial deposit, so not so bad even though Millar earned less than it was promised in his portfolio


Next week my contract with follow the pro expires.any suggestion or advice? Anyone who has done the same?

Alan B.

The money came with a huge delay. Had to wait for them around 4 weeks. Still don’t know what was the actual reason, but in any case I’m happy that they did their job even if it wasn’t done perfectly.


I have heard a lot about the follow the pro program.Most of the reviews i red online are negative.My contract with Millar expires on Tuesday the 22nd in 4 day time. I will let you know.Many thanks.


Green zone options does not exist !! This is SCAM, they just steel money. All the comments on this site are FAKE, guys be careful

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