Residents of the Swiss Chiasso will be able to pay taxes by bitcoins

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Residents of the Swiss Chiasso will be able to pay taxes by bitcoins

The municipality of the Swiss city of Chiasso announced that from 2018 its residents will be able to pay taxes using bitcoin. This is stated in the official statement of the authorities of this city in southern Switzerland, reports

Thus, Chiasso followed the example of the notorious Zug, the capital of the Swiss Cryptodolin, who earlier also made such a decision. At the same time, if in Zug limit on such operations is 200 CHF, the authorities of Chiasso went a little further and determined the upper bar at the level of 250 CHF.

The fact that Bitcoins can pay taxes, Mayor Chiasso Bruno Arrigoni also said during a meeting with entrepreneurs who chose this city on the border with Italy to conduct their activities. Among them were representatives of the team Digital Identity and other local start-ups. In addition, the initiative was supported by other well-known representatives of the blockbuster industry, including Eidoo, CryptoLab and Giacomo Zukko from Milan’s Blockchainlab.

“Today, an internationally recognized community has emerged in Chiasso, which has become the epicenter of technological and economic growth for both the canton and the whole of Switzerland. Over the past month, eight start-ups have chosen Chiasso to do business, and we are negotiating with other European companies, “said Bruno Arrigoni.

Mayor Chiasso added that the municipality is considering the possibility of supporting a new non-profit foundation that includes well-known individuals in the blockbuster industry, as well as conducting regular meetings on the topic of blockade and cryptocurrency. The first such event will be held in October 2017.

Earlier this year it was reported that in the canton of Ticino, where the city of Chiasso is also located, are preparing to launch a local cryptocurrency called Ticinocoin.

In July 2017, the Swiss government announced its intention to legalize cryptocurrencies.

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