Shadow IT Makes Developers Scrappy

2nd April 2019 Off By binary
Shadow IT Makes Developers Scrappy
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And Other Sh*t Hackers Say: a round-up of the most viewed posts from the Hacker Noon Community (now in Public Beta)

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In working toward becoming the best place for tech professionals to publish, we also created a very productive way for tech professionals to procrastinate — the Hacker Noon Community, it’s a virtual water cooler for the technology industry.

If you’ve not yet got in on that action (Y U No sign up today..?), here’s a round-up of the most popular posts in a few of our top categories.


What’s the best way to short shitcoins?

Shoutout to contributor Han Yoon for directing us to: 1 1
Huobi Pro

Are the top exchanges with shitcoins to short. Bitfinex also has a handful, but they haven’t added any new margin trading pairs in over a year.

And of course, Bitmex is a industry favorite, just don’t get rekt shorting TRX 100x 🙂

What decentralized app do you use the most?


  • Mastodon
  • David Chaum’s Elixxir project
  • Civic
  • Brave browser (kind of a dApp w/ BAT token)
  • Brave, web browser
  • Signal, text + video
  • Steem
  • WhatsAround
  • Brave Browser
  • Pareto.Network
  • 1

Who are your crypto heroes?

Don’t panic — Satoshi got a mention too.


What are the killer features you’d like to see in Hacker Noon 2.0?

If it comes down to a vote, Arthur Tkachenko’s suggestions are currently in the lead —

  1. Editorial calendar with ability to see the queue of pending articles. Like, where is my post in a line?
  2. Some sort of newsletter digest. Check TechMemo or Sip from ProductHunt.
  3. You can collaborate with ProductHunt Makers. They have a separated place, related to goal on blogging. And I think it’s a dream for a lot of people to being published on HN.
  4. Stats like Medium has — but maybe with more statistics.
  5. Some sort of an API and maybe React component, that will help to fetch all author articles and display a “List of Cards” with links to articles. (I find it’s hard to grab all my stuff from Medium and place links at my Gatsby/Docusaurus website)

There are almost 100 replies in this thread; this is really the tip of the proverbial product iceberg.

Check out the rest and have your say here.


Any thoughts on “Shadow IT”?

What’s your favorite old-school video game?

The nostalgic poster designs alone make this thread well worth your visit. My personal favourites:


What are the code smells or antipatterns that drive you nuts?

I don’t care too much about code aesthetics (basically anything that a code linter or debugger would raise a warning about) — For me this is minor stuff that can easily be changed later.

My biggest concern is when classes or modules do not have clear and distinct responsibilities. If a developer cannot explain in simple terms what a class or module does (to someone who understands the business domain), then that is a code smell. If a class or module is high-cohesion then every part of it should be related in a straight-forward and obvious way and therefore, it should be easy to explain to a new developer who does not understand the low-level details.

– Jonathan Gros-Dubois

Add your favourite code smell to the rant, right here.

A little motivation: what are you hacking on in your spare time?

Ain’t nobody in the Hacker Noon community got time to let a nine to five get in the way of their passion projects.

From machine learning based NSFW detection to old-school role playing games, go here to get inspired by the side hustles fellow hackers are working on right now.

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